Mudita Pure doesn't turn on, keeps rebooting

Hello Mudita Team,

My Pure stopped working. It keeps rebooting. I connect it to the computer and mudita center but nothing changes

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@alexfrca Did this start happening AFTER the newest update? I will ask the team about this,

Yes, the phone worked fine after the update. A few days later it suddenly shut off. Every time I turn it on, it turns back off. sometimes it reboots by itself but shutsdown again. Same when I connect the phone to the computer and mudita center.

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@alexfrca Looks like you are experiencing a bootloop. Nothing scary. This sometimes happens. You’ll just need to do a factory rest. You can do that one in two ways:
Once the phone restarts- if you navigate to SETTINGS>>>SYSTEM>>>FACTORY RESET, please do that.
If the system resets so fast, that you’re not able to do that, then you should try a RESET through a BOOTLOADER,
in short, enter bootloader with powering the phone with center button pressed, then press 2
hold center button (selection)
reset the device:
detach USB and battery, then attach battery then USB
wait while text scrolls from the bottom - still holding the center button
release center button
press 2

It worked, thank you :slight_smile:

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