MUDITA PURE: discrete modem or SoC integrated?

I’m interested to know if the baseband processor in the Mudita Pure is a discrete component or if it’s integrated as part of the SoC. If it’s discrete, does it have direct/unfettered access to system memory? Any information you can share about the baseband processor would be great. My interest is specifically security related.

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@gravis I’ve passed your question on to our team.

@gravis I was informed that It’s discrete. Not SoC integrated and it doesn’t have any direct access to system memory. Hopefully this helps.

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I am glad to hear that the modem is discrete🙂

do you know if the baseband modem will contain GPS / GPRS ?

Also do you know what brand and model the baseband modem chip is?

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What GSM module/ baseband modem have you decided to install in the pure?