Mudita Pure 1.4 USA Details

After updating and testing for a day, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  1. Signal strength is better and sticks more!
  2. Texting is reliable and the MMS indicator is very accurate
  3. Calling is still an issue sadly. It connects well and people sound clear. However, after 2 minutes or so, the call quality drops, or the call just becomes unavailable. I’ve tested both inside and outside and unless you stay in 1 location only (even walking for a few feet/meters messes it up) it will have issues.
  4. Battery life has improved significantly. It’s not draining fast and it’s reliable.

A good overall update, but the calling issue makes it a deal breaker tbh. I’ve worked around the MMS via DIGITS on T-mobile which allows you to use the messaging portal via an app on desktop or the web. But calls are not great. A deal breaker for most people sadly.


The speed of the UI has improved also. I have not had the calling issues you describe. I’ve actually had 2~3 35 minute + calls and they’ve been very good.

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@Jose_Briones Thanks for the feedback. As @albatross87 mentioned, I also don’t have the calling issue, which you have mentioned.

Also a new issue I discovered is that long text messages get cut off. I am not able to receive any long texts, but only partial texts show up.

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This is as simple as pressing ‘up’ on the center pad then simply pressing ‘down’ and it will scroll through the long text message. However, when a long text is sent, you have to simply assume by what was sent that items are missing to know to scroll through. It doesn’t indicate their is more to scroll through.

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That worked. Cool. I didn’t know this, but it’s helpful to know. One less issue :slight_smile:. Calls issue is still there. Both units, white or black have the same issue. I believe it may be a network thing with the SAR, but it’s alright I guess :slight_smile:

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