Mudita Moment Made in China 🤦🏻‍♂️

This is wilful ignorance. Do you really believe these will be made by Hongkongers? And even if so, do you think Hong Kong is currently a free country and not totally controlled by communist China? Have you been even following what’s been going on in Hong Kong for the past couple of years?

I understand making parts of your phone there when there’s no choice. But the watch, really? IMO this is just disrespectful to your fans and customers, and is far away from the way you portray yourself in your marketing materials. The end does not justify the mean, and you should not support authoritarian regimes.


@Marcin_Hakemer-Ferna Thanks for sharing your views with us. You guys know that we value your opinions & feedback & we do understand that there may be some strong feelings out there about our decision to use a facility in Hong Kong. However, we are also very transparent about out process, that’s why we disclosed everything up front. That said, we would like to share with you why we made the decision we made.
We were looking for an appropriate facility that will offer exceptional quality, since it’s our main goal with every product. The watch was developed and designed in Poland by Mudita in cooperation with experienced watchmaker company Błonie. Mudita Moment is equipped with the Japanese automatic movement, Miyota 9015, which is fully produced in Japan. So the heart of the watch is of Japanese origin. Other watch components are produced and assembled in Hong Kong, in a verified manufacturing facility. While researching possible manufacturing partners, we looked at all the possible options from many regions. Our Polish partner Błonie has extensive experience in creating and producing highest quality watches. Among many manufacturers, our partner recommended this particular facility to us due to their work with them. We wanted to create high quality watches in limited quantity. The number of possible suppliers that would meet our expectation was very limited. The final, full quality check of each watch is performed by experienced watchmakers at Błonie, in a facility near Warsaw in Poland.
Above all, with the highest respect to our customers & community members, we will always transparently share information about the development and production of our products.


i love that you are always transparent have my mudita pure preorder in and will soon be preordering the Mudita Moment, and im sure it will be a real good quality product. I love the direction this company is going and the products that are being made for us the community. keep up the good work


@jameshjacksonjr Thank you so much for the kind words & your encouragement. Our aim is ALWAYS to be upfront & honest about everything we do.

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If the workers have good working conditions and aren’t underpaid, I have no problem with Mudita Moment.

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@john_dumpling Thank you for your comment. As a company we strive to maintain equity & sustainability with all our products. That’s why we chose this particular facility. The manufacturer complies with the ISO 9001 & 9002 standards. Additionally it has Swiss SGS System Certification, and British UKAS Quality Management certificates.

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If this is the main goal then you should promote it in your marketing materials, and not mindfulness. etc.
Outsourcing to authoritarian regimes, which take part in genocide, is just helping them do it for longer.
And using the “good working conditions” card etc. is just willful blindness.
I’m so sad, because I thought you would be different. Disappointing, but thank you so much for being transparent - so many companies are anything but transparent.

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@Marcin_Hakemer-Ferna We’re sorry that you are disappointed, that was never our intention. We are always up front & transparent and we know that the majority of our Mudita Community values and appreciates our transparency. When in comes to production decisions, we made the choice we felt was best. In the end, we cannot please everyone.


People in countries that are authoritarian are no better off starving from a lack of income and therefore food. The people are not their government and cannot be held responsible for the actions of their government. Trade makes all people better off, and wealth tends to bring freedom with it.


Yeah, that was the plan of the West in terms of China for the past dozens of years. In the end they all understood, that it doesn’t work that way. Facts.

It’s not about bringing freedom to people, it’s about producing things cheaper in order to sell more.

You can’t please everyone, but I think it’s much much better to please the good guys, and not support an authoritarian regime who is actively involved in genocide.

Trade has increased the level of freedom for the people of China, it has brought millions of Chinese people out of poverty, and it has kept many millions more from starving to death as they did before trade with China started. Bringing the world cheaper goods is also no small thing. People love to hate “cheap consumer stuff” and especially if it is sold at Walmart, but those Walmarts selling those cheap goods have increased the living standards of the poor in rural America more than any government program aimed to help the poor. These issues are not simple, they are not clean, and they won’t be solved by any of us. Is genocide bad? Of course it is. Would the US ceasing trade with China result in the death and starvation of millions, yes. The rulers of the world need to sort out the issues as they are the people with the voices to do so. Death squads are not making the watch. Factory workers are. I support the factory workers, and I do not support the death squads. By buying American made flooring for my house, I do not signal support for the USA/Saudi genocidal war in Yemen. I do signal my support for people working in flooring factories.


“Trade has increased the level of freedom for the people of China, it has brought millions of Chinese people out of poverty, and it has kept many millions more from starving to death as they did before trade with China started. Bringing the world cheaper goods is also no small thing.”

That’s not true.


  • Walmart selling “cheap consumer stuff” hasn’t increased the living standards of the poor in rural America (government programs are usually even worse).
  • China has not brought millions of Chinese people out of poverty - it has actually murdered from 40 to 100 million of them.
  • US ceasing trade with China won’t result in the death and starvation of millions - these things result from working with the CCP (facts vs fiction).
  • If you buy from USA or Chinese companies that use Ujgur slave labor, then yes, like it or not your are supporting it (even if you don’t want to “signal” that).

It’s great that you want to signal your support for people working in flooring factories - I’m guessing you do care about how those companies treat their people and that your buying decisions can be used to do good or evil (whether you like it or not, and whether you’re aware of it or not).

This book talks about some of the issues you raised, but of course there’s tons of other resources online about the subject:

P.S. These issues are simple, they are clean, and they can only be solved by us :wink: