Mudita Headphones

I recently found the Mudita Headphones . Did I miss an announcement or blog post regarding these?

@urszula Would love if Mudita could provide a summary/more details regarding this product and how, if at all, they are different from other headphones out there.

I would also like to open the discussion to the community on your interest in a wired headset over bluetooth headphones. Is there a specific reason you prefer one over the other?

I’ve noticed that even if you have a preference (e.g., a small form factor phone, the addition of a headphone jack), smartphone manufacturer’s aren’t really giving consumers a choice anymore. It’s truly sad and aggravating how the products available are determined by the companies/designers and not necessarily the consumers.


I was looking for wired earphones, but I’m not going to pay $25 for shipping $39 earphones to the USA.

Looking through the product catalog today, it seems that Mudita has terminated its buy-two-items-for-free-shipping program, so I am glad that I at least was able to take advantage of that program while it existed!

I prefer wired over BlueTooth now.

  1. I have too many older BlueTooth earpieces that are no longer compatible with what more current cellphones expect BT-wise.
  2. BT batteries, which are non-replaceable, eventually become non-rechargeable.
  3. I hate having to remember to recharge a BT earpiece along with a cellphone.

Thanks for the reply @kirkmahoneyphd!

This one :arrow_up: resonates with me - actually remembering to charge the headset is a hassle. For me, the worst is that you have to deal with another charger and another cable. If you are trying to simplify and declutter your mind, it’s just something else that prevents you from doing so. All these little inconveniences add up.

I do however find that bluetooth does have its advantages over wired, especially when:

  1. Commuting - with a purse/backpack on and a coffee in one hand, running for a train/bus becomes a lot less … tangled… with bluetooth.

  2. Exercising - HITT training becomes smoother when you don’t have to deal with wires.

My biggest pet peeve with both wired and bluetooth is the ear piece. Every brand is now doing ‘in-ear’ headsets. Am I the only one that enjoys and prefers ‘over-ear/on ear’ headphones? I am constantly on the look out for compact sport headphones that rest on the ear.

@urszula Will mudita be looking into air tube type of headphones? I stayed away from wired earphones because I remember reading that they act as antennas and sometimes focusing the “radiation” into your head. I would love it if someone could throw some light on this. I get headaches from cellphone use and tend to use the speakerphone option though sometimes that is not always the best route if I’m out. Thanks!


@Joyce Thanks for your question. I have passed on your concern to our team & I am waiting for then to get back to me.

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@urszula Could you also ask them about ferrites for the wired earphones? Or just ferrites in general…


@Joyce I’m on it :slight_smile:

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@Joyce Are you asking if OUR MUDITA headphones currently have ferrites in them, or if generally, most wired headphone contain ferrites? Or are you asking about ferrite beads?

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@urszula I guess all of the above. Do the Mudita headphones currently have ferrites in them? Will Mudita make air tube earphones? And in general, will ferrites really help minimize radiation for both wired and non-wired earphones?

@urszula have you had a chance to try the Mudita Headphones/Earphones yet? How’s the fit? I’m on the fence about the purchase. I find that in-ear headphones to be soooo uncomfortable and usually try to find something that will lay on my ears instead.

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@urszula I received the email about Mudita headphones about the promo code for free shipping if you order the phone and the headphones together. Is there any option for those of us who have already pre-ordered the phone? I would like the headphones but they’re already expensive and I don’t want to pay for international shipping twice for both the phone and the headphones. Is there an option to add the headphones (and the wall adapter if it isn’t included) to the phone order, to ship all together?


I emailed this morning to ask the same question. I included my order # in that message to Mudita. I hope to get an answer next week.

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@mkeames18 a couple of newsletters ago, we sent out an announcement with a FREE shipping code, for those pre-orders who wanted to add additional accessories to their Mudita Pure order & have those items be included with their Mudita Pure shipment. I will check if it still works. We definitely don’t want our pre-order customers to pay double for shipping costs. I’m checking into it right away.

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Thanks for checking for us! I looked back at my emails and wasn’t able to find that newsletter. Hopefully there’s some option for us since the accessories weren’t available yet when we pre-ordered. The headphones look great. Thanks!


@Joyce I’m back with some answers :smiley:
We decided against air tube earphones because of the poor sound quality. With Mudita Pure, we really wanted to experience premium quality sound. However, if you are concerned about radiation, we do recommend buying them. Ferrite, depending on its position, can block certain waves, but unfortunately there are often surface currents which my also be a problem if you’re really sensitive.



@lukasz.anwajler we are DEFINITELY the COOL KIDS on the BLOCK :smiley:

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I expected more something like this:

For the premium sound quality.


@mindful321 My ears are kinda on the small side & sometimes universal earphones are not so comfortable. However, these are made in such a way that they are comfortable for all ear sizes.