Mudita Harmony Software Update

Will there be the ability to loop the sound beyond 90 minutes? I asked this question before purchasing and at that time I was told that this would be an option but if this has changed I would like to know.



I think that the definition of WHITE NOISE could be very subjective. What may be white noise to some, may not be pleasant for others. White noise is technically sound that includes all frequencies audible to the human ear—between 20 hertz and 20,000 hertz—played at an equal intensity or amplitude, measured in decibels. This produces a “shh” sound or a humming sound, similar to a wind blowing constantly or even a humming fan. Mudita Harmony has many sounds, which can be considered WHITE NOISE because, the truth is, nature is full of white noise sounds, from waterfalls to rain, to ocean waves.
Under relaxation, you can find many sounds that fall into the white noise category, for example Mystic Nature, which is a wind humming sound. You can leave that on for up to 90min.
Here’s one of them:

To be fair, we never communicated that these sounds could be left on all night, but as far as the inclusion of white noise, Mudita Harmony does include WHITE NOISE.

No, but you did communicate that the user would be able to upload their own songs and also that you’d be giving the ability to loop the ones already on it. Months of waiting and neither have been implemented. People are being patient

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@adammoseley Like I wrote in the previous post, that’s the only feature is still being worked on. We understand that it may be taking a bit longer than we & our users would have wanted. However, in the case of the file manager, it’s not only a Mudita Harmony update, but also a Mudita Center update, so software changes need to be made on both sides, which can be a bit tricky.
As you know, we are a rather small startup. so things take a bit more time.
To be fair, we did implement a few new things, many other users did ask for in the last update, such as the different clock face options.
Another Mudita Harmony is coming shortly.

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hi @adammoseley thank you for your feedback and concerns about Harmony’s features. I hope the answers @urszula provided are helpful in those cases. When launching the product, we were aware there are still some features that we need to implement but we didn’t want to delay product launch. There were many users that have been waiting for Harmony and we made a decision to share it with you and continue working on the features that can be updated with Mudita Center. We are carefully listening to customers needs and we are aware that enabling to upload sounds its something many are looking forward to. This is why, it’s our highest priority both in Harmony and Center projects. It is still a work in progress, and as Ula mentioned it’s more complex since it involves two projects at once. Once we launch this feature, of course it’ll be available for all the users that already have the device and you’ll be able to update it. We will be communicating new updates and features implemented here on the forum as usual. Once this feature is ready, we’ll let you know. Our first priority is to deliver the features we announced before. Additionally, we love to communicate with our customers and plan new features and updates that can be implemented in the future. This is why, i’m very thankful you shared your thoughts on this topic. If you’ll have any more ideas or feedback about our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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If you have a Mudita Harmony and can download the latest MuditaOS to your computer but cannot install the downloaded MuditaOS to your Harmony, then here is a solution that worked for me this morning:

  • I had to disconnect the VPN on my PC before I could install the downloaded MuditaOS to my Harmony!

I had many email exchanges with about my Harmony-update problem. But, none of those solved the problem.

The solution came when I wondered this morning, after restful sleep, whether the VPN on my PC was interfering with installation – an odd idea, given that the VPN was NOT interfering with downloading of the MuditaOS to my PC!

Typically, a VPN will interfere with a download but should not interfere with installation, given that many installers, once on a PC, can run on the PC without an Internet connection.


@kirkmahoneyphd Thank you for sharing this. I’m so glad things worked out for you. I’m gonna pass this on to the devs because this is definitely important info. Would you mind sending your logs, now that you’ve updated, so they can see what magic happened behind the curtain which made it actually work.

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@urszula, I sent logs whenever the update to my Harmony failed. Also, I emailed Robert G to let him know how I made the update problem go away.

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@kirkmahoneyphd Thank you. I just want to make sure that the devs have the logs AFTER you successfully updated. I found the circumstance around the VPN very interesting & I think it’s very useful information.

@urszula: When Mudita Center was successful at updating Mudita Harmony, no prompt appeared to send a log to Mudita, so I guess that I do not have a “success” log to send. :confused:

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I shared this today with Robert G at Mudita Support. I am sharing it here, in case anyone else has seen this.

Bad news: Since installing MuditaOS 1.6.0 three days ago on my Harmony, it has ‘frozen’ two times!

Here is an example of what happens – with a 95-100% charge, by the way:

  1. The Harmony looks okay (presents the correct time) in the morning and throughout the day.
  2. I look at the Harmony again at around 8 PM, and the display is stuck at, say, 6:08 PM.
  3. I have to perform a soft reset to bring the Harmony ‘back to life’, at which point it displays the correct time again.

This was NOT happening with MuditaOS 1.5.1, so there seems to be a ‘Harmony-freezing’ bug in MuditaOS 1.6.0.


It happened with me the first time I returned it, around a couple of days after the first update. It never came to normal. This time, with a new device, everything looks running smooth.

Thank you for the information, Kirk.

@kirkmahoneyphd Thanks for sharing.
Here’s how to send logs to Mudita from your Mudita Harmony:
Click on HELP

Then click on this button:

Fill in the form. As you can see below, logs have attached :slight_smile:

Let me know if it worked for you.

Thank you! Your instructions worked for me when I submitted the log a few minutes ago.

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