Mudita Center Crashing

Trying to connect my Pure to Mudita Center and getting this message repeatedly no matter what I try. Is this a known bug? Curious if it is just me experiencing this issue or if this is happening for others also, and if the team is working on it? Thanks!


@moon9river I’ve reported the issue to the devs. I did experience this a couple of times with Mudita Center. I restarted my computer & then restarted Mudita Center & it worked. Once you’re able to open Mudita Center- even if your Mudita Pure is not connected- you can click on SETTINGS & send Mudita Center logs to Mudita, so that our devs could see what’s happening with your version.

@urszula I thought this is just the option to turn on some automated reporting of the logs when the Mudita Center crashed. In previous posts you suggested to use the “Contact Support” function in the Help window to trigger a manual report of logs to the Mudita Support. Is there a reason why you suggest a different approach in this case?

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@moon9river Which version of Mudita Center do you use? Do you run it on Windows, Mac or Linux? Just wondering because I noted the same error for the latest release, v1.4.1. See this topic Mudita Center on 1.4.1 crashing.

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I think this is a duplicate of

is there a way to see if the team is working on it ? a bugtracker ? or issues in a specific Github project

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