Mudita Bell - alarm not working for some of melodies

A few days ago I received Mudita Bell clock. I started using it and I noticed that not every melody is being triggered when selected for alarm. I did some testing with various settings, trying to identify the issue, but I only noticed that backlight works every time, the sound alarm is triggered with some delay, but for some melodies it remains silent. I’m a bit puzzled with what might be the issue. Any thoughts?


@sim8500 Welcome to the Mudita Community.
We’re sorry you’re having issues with your Mudita Bell. The issue you describe is a bit unusual. I would suggest doing a factory re-set & see if that helps. If that doesn’t work, I would ask you to open a support/troubleshooting ticket.
Instructions how to do a factory reset can be found here:

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Thank you for response. This issue is not easily reproducible so far - I will try to observe it over some longer period of time.

@sim8500 I got some more info for you. The phone is set up, so the light always goes on FIRST before the melody sounds. It’s sort of a gentle pre-wake up, to prepare your body to fully wake-up with the alarm melody. Some melodies are really quiet starting off & get a bit louder as they progress, so that maybe what is also happening.

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