Mudita alarm clock - lack of CO2 sensor

Hi. I really loved the idea of miminalistic alarm clock. This is something that you can’t find on the market.
The sleep quality monitor is really a good idea, but there is one thing that makes this feature rather useless - lack of CO2 sensor. Most of the problems with sleep quality is not caused by temperature, humidity or PM particles but a bad ventilation. Many people sleep inside airtigt rooms with virtually no air exchange (especially in winter). CO2 buildup inside a room during the night is one of the biggest causes of bad sleep, headaches etc. Yet very few people are aware of this simple fact. I’d really like to exchange PM sensor for a CO2 sensor (or add both). Wihout that your air qualty sensor is rather worthless.


@czokomaster Thank you for your valuable comment.
I have to say that we’re investigating different sensors, and we are considering CO2 based on the reasons you listed out!
If you have any further recommendations in the topic, let me know please.

Thanks again for the valuable insight, it gives us more confidence to pursue that path as we want to make sure that we deliver the product that people will find useful and helpful.

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Hi, I agree with czokomaster that a CO2 sensor is important for indoor air quality. I would like to add another one, namely a VOC sensor. VOCs are very toxic and could pose serious health effects.
@ Kasia, I’m already a happy backer of the Mudita Pure and I’m looking forward to this alarm clock as well to hit the market :slight_smile:


Amazing! Thank you @wolfie for your support!
Great suggestion, we’re considering VOCs as well- good to know people care about it :slight_smile:

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