Monitors e-ink to bring outside to WFH

Hello, I contacted to ask how much their e-ink monitors cost. Here was my email to them followed by their response. My idea is that Mudita offers 22 inch monitors. I would take them outside each sunny day in summer to work from home, but outside in the sun. I would set up a table and bring an ethernet cable outside fo the computer. It would be annoying to set up and take down every day, but would be worth it to get the sun that we actually need. Would Mudita work on offering monitors for us?


when will the 23.5 inch monitor be available to buy?

  • does this have black and white as well as color? I saw that one of your other e-ink products has color. I thought e-ink could only be black and white?
  • what ports does this monitor come with?
  • What are the dimensions of the monitor - length and width?
  • Does it have anything on the back to attach to different holders - VESPA compatible?
  • what is the price?

for e-ink tablet…can you browse the internet or is it just a mirroring device?

  • can you turn off the wifi and bluetooth?
  • what ports does it have?
    Thank you.

Thanks for reaching out,

  1. Sale time: The overseas sales time is currently uncertain. 253 is large in size and difficult to transport.

The overseas sales time will be after the sale in Mainland China (currently the time of sale in Mainland China is not set yet)

  1. Price: The estimated price would be between 1.6K~3.5K USD.

  2. 13.3 inches is able to meet the needs of daily document office, and the cost performance is very high.

It is recommended to consider 13.3 inches display, it’s in stock for sale now.

  1. If you need large-size E-ink monitor, please send us email to pre-order:

The epidemic affected our production line, hopefully it will be released in the first Q of 2021

Please leave your shipping info here, when it’s available we will contact you immediately, and offer you discounts

Zip code:
Phone number:

Thanks for your understanding and support,

Best regards,
Beijing Dasung Tech Co., Ltd.
Facebook: dasungtech
Tel: +86-1069908008


Dasung has launched na Indiegogo kickstarter for their 3-ink monitors. You can one 23.5 monitor for $2K.


Thanks for the recommendation. Eink is a really good alternative.

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@Felicia_Hobert This is a GREAT option. I personally have eye-strain issues with LCD & LED monitors so E ink is a GREAT alternative . I even wrote about it on one of our blogs: E Ink and The Eyestrain Debate

Another company (Onyx Boox) started selling 13.3 and 25.3 inch E-ink monitors!


WOW! I found their YouTube Video, which had an interesting comment:

“I just saw someone made a comparison video between BOOX Mira and DASUNG Eink Monitor Paperlike HD, it seems that DASUNG EINK Monitor is faster.

I can’t find the cost? I click “Order Now” on their website (, but nothing happens.


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Dasung large monitor is still so expensive - $2,250. I wish, I wish I had enough money to buy this.!!!

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@Felicia_Hobert I agree, that’s a LOT of money for a monitor, however, I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that the 2022 production capacity is booked up. You know, supply vs. demand. I know we have our needs covered for Mudita Pure, but reading industry news can give you some insight into what’s going on: