Modita Pure impression

@marko Thanks for sending the logs & giving us your serial nr.
I’ve forwarded everything to the devs.

Again, a quick addendum. The SMS problem is really very pronounced and I hope that will be fixed with the next update. Currently I am not really reachable with the Mudita via SMS in an emergency.
If I have the Pure in offline mode at noon and then turn it on, messages that should come in during this time, often arrive only the next morning. Messages (that are longer than a standard sms) are still often barely readable because the content is jumbled or even mixed with the content of other sms.
I had the following case last week that annoyed me a lot.
My wife always writes me a short SMS when she has arrived well at work. On this one day there was no message from her. Also in the lunch break then no message. Since I can not use my phone at work (only in the break), I was totally worried that something happened. Only in the evening then the redeeming call and the question whether because their SMS had not arrived. These then arrived the next day.
We have now exchanged the numbers of the phones at work for emergencies, but that should not be the purpose if you have a cell phone.
So currently, in an emergency, the Pure is unfortunately not usable, at least as far as SMS is concerned. I really hope for the next update, because I don’t want to give the Pure away. It has contributed so much to my current developments to a more mindful life.


I had same issue which is reason I returned the phone. I got separated from my wife and kids on a vacation and my phone was useless when I needed it…to much cutting in and out of a connection and then entirely too long dead periods which is why I went back to the light phone which I owned a year ago.


Hi @marko

I had the same problem with strange number formats when importing contacts from a .vcf file. I fixed it by doing a factory reset of the phone (to quickly delete all contacts) and manually re-entering my contacts, which was tedious but it now stores the numbers in the correct format and therefore it recognises SMS messages from contacts correctly.

The problem with SMS messages getting split up and mixed in with messages from other people is still happening after the MuditaOS 1.3.0 update.

I have reported both of these issues to Mudita support, so I guess they are working on them.


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Today I break the “attempt” with the Mudita Pure for now and use another phone until the next update (which hopefully brings improvement).
I had now again very often the problem that SMS did not arrive at all or very late, and that SMS from different senders arrived mixed together. Then today again two times the connection broke down. I had 3 bars signal, and suddenly the signal branched an X. Only a restart helped to get a connection again. On the way home the same. When I went for I had 3 bars, and when I arrived home an X.
This is simply not a state. Please don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said many times before, I love Mudita and their philosophy, and I’m so thankful that I got away from the smartphone through Pure, it just does so much good, but when I carry a cell phone I want it to work. If I can’t read text messages because I don’t know which sentence is from which sender, and if I don’t get important messages until the next day, or calls are lost because there’s suddenly no reception, even though you don’t move from the spot, then I can’t use the Pure like that, as much as I would like to.

I also have the problem that it hangs from time to time (although not as often as before the last update). The screen freezes then, for example, when writing SMS and you have to remove the battery and reinsert to get it running again.
I have already sent the log files and hope very much that with the next update at the problems what changes.
I really want to continue using the Pure and the Light Phone or the Punkt are not an alternative for me.

Maybe Mudita should have waited another half year with the release of the Pure. I can now understand that some users feel like beta testers. If it had been communicated that way, it would have been something else.
I had also intended to continue to use the Pure and contribute to the improvement by writing bug reports and sending the log files, but if I am not reasonably available, then it just does not work.

So please, get with the next update the SMS problem under control and ensures stability in the signal or creates a possibility that you decide for yourself whether you value a low SAR value or a higher signal strength. The SAR value is very important to me, but it’s no use if there are problems with the signal.

And please do not understand this as complaining, but as constructive criticism. I just want (like so many others) that the Pure is properly usable in everyday life.
I want nothing more than to be able to use this great minimalist phone properly.


You have absolutny right Marko. I sometime feel like beta tester too. The Pure Phone is great but need more time to be 100 % usefully. Now i must have both pure and smartphone in the pocket, only that way i have certitude that i will be in touch with my family and friends.


This morning I wanted to give Pure another chance because I really missed it. I have to say that I really like this phone. It’s great in the hand, just the right size, and it gives me peace of mind. I don’t know why, but I don’t feel that way with other phones.
So sim card in, went out on the balcony so it can connect better, and what happens? First two bars of signal, then three, then back down to two, then it only had one and then the X was there.
So restart. After some time two bars. Then I had to request an SMS Tan to access my pay stubs. Unfortunately, we can only do that online.
But no SMS came. Requested again, again no SMS. A third time, still nothing.
So I switched off the Pure, inserted the SIM card into the Fairphone 3 and immediately had full reception. SMS requested and within 3 seconds it was there.
That really can’t be. I really want to use the Pure, but it’s just not meant to be.

Is there now an approximate date for the next update?
I keep hoping…


Ok, so apparently there is no date for the next update yet…

I tested the Mudita Pure again today for the whole day, and compared to usual (1-3 bars signal) I had 3-4 bars signal for about half an hour. Shortly thereafter, the Pure no longer responds and restarted. Then appeared on the display not as usual the possibility to enter the Sim Pin, but a CME error. The exact message I do not remember, but there was still the number 0 in the message.
Then I manually switched to Sim 2 and back to Sim 1 and I could enter the pin all at once.

I’m surprised at the strong fluctuations in reception. And it is always places where I was before with the Pure.
Sometimes the reception is ok, then very good, sometimes a bar or even an X… It is curious.
Oh yes, two SMS that I was supposed to receive were of course swallowed again and did not find their way to me.
I have tested the last few days again with the Fairphone 3+, I had everywhere stable reception. And the Vodafone network is really very well developed here.


@marko Thanks for this feedback. I will bring this up with the team again. We had a similar situation with two other Pure user who lived in the same area (by coincidence) and each one had different signal strengths. So this type of situation definitely needs to be looked into.

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I can tell you from personal experience this is the Mudita experience. All their videos make it seem like the phone works seamlessly but it was sent out to the public not properly tested. I can tell you just getting a refund from this company for my phone has been a frustrating experience.


Marko, thank you for all your writing here. I’ve read them all. Unfortunately, I experience precisely the same problems here in Sweden. I really like the philosophy behind the phone, but as I can’t rely on it working, I will go back to my iPhone and put Mundita Pure in my desk drawer for now. I really hope that I will be able to use it in the future.

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@marko The next update is scheduled for some time next month. You can read about the release notes on our support page:


Thank you for your reply and especially for the effort you put into our problems here in the forum. I know that this is certainly not an easy job to stand on the front line and get the displeasure of the people. I hope that my criticism does not come across as complaining, but as objective criticism from someone who wants the Pure to be a success :slight_smile:

I have read your opinion and your experience in many places here in the forum. And yes, I know you are disappointed, as many of us are. But keep in mind that the people complaining here are a small part. The users who are satisfied will rarely if ever report to a forum. Of course there are some problems with the Pure, and unfortunately just with the basic functions. That is annoying, but I will not return the Pure. First, the deadline would have already expired, second, I bought it second hand from a backer and third, I want to keep this phone and I want to do my part to make it work properly.
Yes, I am very disappointed, but I am also grateful because Mudita, first with the videos on YouTube and then with the Pure itself, has triggered so many changes in me, and that at a time when a lot of things were going wrong for me and the stress level was enormously high.
There was the pandemic and the political and social pressure on me as an unvaccinated and that I was taken away almost all my freedoms (I was still allowed to work and buy food in Germany, nothing else). So I only existed. In addition, enormous stress at work. I work in logistics for an IT wholesaler, and during the pandemic, sales increased enormously, so that while everyone in sales was in the home office, we were working hard to get the goods out on time.
I worked overtime without end and lost sight of everything that was important to me. Nature, meditating, my rituals, everything.
In addition, I noticed that I was addicted to the smartphone. I didn’t look at it for some time and I got nervous.
Mudita and the Pure grounded me again. I set limits at work and no longer work overtime every day. I hardly read the news anymore so that I don’t go crazy about the pandemic, the war or inflation.
I’ve developed a morning routine where I get up earlier than usual and have two hours in the morning just for me. I consciously prepare my Matche tea and enjoy it, I meditate and enjoy the view of nature from my balcony.
Then I drive to work relaxed.

And the Pure has supported me in this. I became less distracted. No more constant messages on Signal or Telegram. When it was really important people called or texted. That relaxed me enormously. Unfortunately, the Pure does not work as it should, so I use it only sporadically and on the side. But I am so grateful for the changes that Mudita has initiated in me and I wish so much that the Pure works and I will certainly not give it away.

I will continue to report here on my journey with the Pure and continue to send log files as needed. I wish Mudita and the staff all the luck and success to establish this brand. You can really make a difference.

And by the way, I am very happy with the Mudita Bell. Super easy to set (just like any other analog alarm clock) and absolutely reliable.
And I have never woken up so relaxed :slight_smile:

I wish you and us that the Pure soon works to our satisfaction.
Let’s hope for the next update. There is still a long way to go, but if with the next update the signal is improved and the SMS arrive “intact”, then a lot is already achieved. The media player and the calendar can be taken care of later.


That reads great :slight_smile:
If all these points are really fixed in the next update, we will finally be able to use the Pure properly in everyday life.
The rest will come little by little.


I have all these experiences with the light phone and Punkt. Difference between them and the Mudita is they worked right out of the box


I’m really happy that you are so satisfied with the other phones :slight_smile:
I will continue on the path with the Pure and am convinced that after a few updates it runs just as well as the Punkt or Light Phone.


@marko Thanks for taking the time to write all of this out. We really appreciate you sticking with us. We understand that we do have a long road ahead of us when it comes to perfecting the products, but that’s the spirit behind a community developed product. When the phone initially launched & one of the users posted her review, she stated that she helped make it a reality by contributing to the development of the MuditaOS on github. However, her review wasn’t glowing by any means. She was one of the first backers to get her phone in December 2021 & the phone was not as functional as it is today.


I have been using the Pure as my main phone again since Monday (always with a spare phone in my pocket) and something very positive has happened.
I have consistently had a very good signal outside (3 bars sometimes even 4). At home still 2 bars, but now also constant. The signal strength really held up the whole work week. Phone calls were without interruptions and of very good quality. I just took an evening walk and made a 50 minute phone call where my interlocutor said that he could hear me very loud and clear. I also understood him very well. The call quality was consistent the whole time.
I am absolutely positively surprised. How can this be? Has Mudita settled something with the mobile provider? I’m still with Vodafone, with the same sim card.
That would really interest me? What are the possibilities for this improvement in signal and quality?
The SMS still come incomplete or mixed when they are longer, but this is being worked on and the problem should be solved with the next update.
If it should be so, I am absolutely satisfied with the Pure.
Sure, the media player still needs work, as well as the calendar, but these are things that are not so important. Phone calls and SMS are important.

I’m really in love with the Pure and it’s amazing how much this phone calms me down. No comparison to the stress level I had with the smartphone.

So Mudita, please keep up the good work and the Pure can be a great, modern, minimalist phone.


That’s great, @marko! I can confirm everything you describe here. I’ve been using the Mudita Pure for a whole week not only as my main device but also as the only one. Nobody has complained that I could not be reached or that I had not answered text messages. However, I also use the device in the Düsseldorf region, which has very good network coverage. In more rural areas the experience might be different.

The battery performance is also convincing. I haven’t had the phone powered since Tuesday and I still have two bars of charge. But I also have to say that I am not a power user. Two or three phone calls a day and maybe 10 SMS each time, that’s all I need.

I have described all small bugs that occurred in the corresponding thread. None of this could dull my positive overall impression in the long term, especially since I know that these teething problems are being worked on.