Messaging app embedded?

Hi. There will be any messaging app such as Signal, as sent in an email earlier this week? If so, would there be wifi connection? I’d rather have only the possibility of using 3G data to use the messaging app, instead of being able to connect the phone through wifi. Privacy would be higher as such, since wifi makes you more vulnerable etc.


Thanks for your question @Augusto_Carvalho. As mentioned in our update here: ‘From the beginning, our idea was to create a phone that would support your offline life, but we understand that for many of you this is an important tool for communicating with your family, friends, and colleagues, especially while travelling abroad. This feature would be optional and wouldn’t be pre-installed in your phone. The data transmission is off by default, you can enable it to use the app.


Hi @anon32618512, so this is a fact: the phone will have internet and Signal messaging app, right?


No, we have not confirmed this as of yet.

@anon32618512, would you have more or less a date for this to be confirmed or not? :slight_smile:


Not at the moment but I will look into this for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @anon32618512, any news about this yet? :slight_smile:


Hi @Augusto_Carvalho, there’s an update on Kickstarter here:

Signal is going to be an optional feature, if we reach our stretch goal.

You will need to pre-order the phone and perhaps even help other people to become backers of the project (so that we reach the stretch goal) in order for it to happen!

Hi @anon32618512, thanks for the replies! I have withdrawn my pledge since a messaging app for me is essential. If you release a device in the future with Signal, I’m definitely buying, as the Pure is a device that has everything I have been looking for for a long time (no camera, music, bluetooth etc), but the lack of a messaging app is really a downside in today’s society. Best of luck for you and your team!


Hi, I hope there will be no Google Maps or any Google Services installed - in terms of privacy and I’m really happy to hear about possible encrypted Signal support :+1:


Hi @xrzysiek, it will be possible to sync contacts from Google via the desktop app only. If you do not need to do this, it is not necessary. This option is for people who would like to move their contacts automatically (from the smartphones) rather than manually. We will not have Google Maps and Services on Mudita Pure.