Life with a smartphone as I wait for my Mudita

So I was suppose to get my Mudita on Tuesday but delays means I will most likely get it next week. Ever since sending my Light phone back I have been using a blackberry keyone. During this wait all my old habits came back. Constantly checking the phone, not being in the moment. I think cell phone addiction (at least mine) does not go away. I feel drained, and not happy. It really makes you apprecitate life with a dumbphone, it’s just better. I cannot wait till my pure gets here because I hate smartphones lol


I think it takes awhile for cell phone addiction to go away. In my case, as I still have my iPhone on the junk counter and use it on wifi a few times a week to book activities for my kids, I still used it to check weather and sometimes WhatsApp, this lasted like four weeks. Now that habit is broken, it is so liberating. I had put my iPhone on grayscale colors to lessen the stimulation awhile ago even before getting the Pure, and now I am actually finding smartphone and tablet screens to be overly bright when I see it around (which is everywhere when I am waiting).


Nice. Yeah my weekend with my smartphone (which I am typing on right now) has not been good. My media looks like it will be here tomorrow as it’s in the country and only 45 mins from me. Throughout my use of the smartphone I have thought about getting rid of It for good. I did this for two months during the summer and it was so liberating. I may have to keep it as I am going to cuba in a month with my wife and kids and I am not sure if the mudita will work there.

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I had thoughts of getting rid of my smartphone for good too while using it. It took years to pull the trigger. And even then for whatever reason I didn’t just quit cold turkey. Good luck!!

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@catan Thanks from the feedback. When we first started shipping out Mudita Pure, there were people who posted on this forum that they never really prepared for a feature phone- they were smartphone users until their Mudita Pure arrived & then expected to quit cold turkey. As you may have already guessed, it did not work out well. Some posted that they were frustrated & they couldn’t really do it. There are those who just used it as a “weekend phone” or a “me-time” phone. Tech addiction is real & so is digital depression. We wrote about digital depression in an article on our blog:

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