Let's talk light alarm clocks

I’ve just listened to Puls Biznesu interview with Michał (available in Polish) where he mentions that Mudita alarm clock will feature nice melodies and a good-quality speaker. I’ve been searching for a good alarm clock for recent months and I agree that there’s a huge field for improvement in those fields.

However, what I’m really interested in currently, is a light alarm. The idea is very simple: let the device wake you up with nice lightning (ie. simulation of a sunrise) before it activates sound.

Some of the currently available light alarm devices work like this: the light turns on approx. 30 minutes before the set hour. Then it gets more intense gradually, until it reaches full brightness moments before the set hour – and only then it activates the sound alarm, just in case. If you didn’t experiment with light alarms yet, I really encourage you to do so. Just imagine waking up process with no shrill sounds whatsoever!

I’m mentioning this because I think that such approach to waking up process would be really in line with Mudita’s messaging. Michal mentions that you plan to offer several versions of Mudita’s alarm clocks, so perhaps…

What do you guys think?



Hi @pakulander, thank you for sharing your suggestion with us. We have a survey which will be sent directly to our design team, if you’d like to fill that in. It is likely to influence the alarm clock and I can confirm that we’re considering different options!


I have a light alarm and I like it, although I have not been using it because I am getting up a different time than my wife. What I actually like even better is the sunset feature, which simulates a sunset, and helped me sleep quite a bit better than in the past.