Latest Release 1.4 - Call dropped when someone calls when I'm already on a phone call

The latest release has been great so far. One thing I noticed is that when I was on a call with my brother, the phone began beeping. I recognized this as someone else was calling, however the screen did not show there was someone calling in. After the alerts stopped, my current call disconnected.

I called my brother back and then someone tried to call again (the beeping) and no notification that someone was calling showed up on the screen. Once the beeping stopped, the call dropped.

I looked at my call logs and didn’t see who called. After a moment, a text came through from my girlfriend saying she called twice.

The previous version let me know who was calling and would allow me to switch over or not.

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@mmallen37 I passed this issue onto our team & it looks like this might be a bug. What’s your phone’s serial number? Also, could you please send the logs to our Team so that can investigate this issue further?

Thanks, Urszula.

Will send logs once I’m home tonight.

Serial #: 26438540260652

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@mmallen37 awesome. After some discussion with the team, they do think this might be a bug & can be fixed.