Lack of support response

I am writing this post to warn you of poor customer support if you by chance have bad luck like myself. I ordered Mudita Harmony last Sunday. On Tuesday I received well packed package with Mudita Harmony clock. Unfortunately it seems not to charge its battery. Tried on multiple chargers. I only managed to start the clock once set time and alarm but after showing 0% battery it stopped working. I have submitted a ticked on Tuesday and there is absolutely no reaction apart from automatic response from ticketing system. Since that time no response at all. In addition something rattles inside the clock so I suppose it might be mechanical issue. I was really waiting for this clock, but instead of enjoying it works, I can observe level of Mudita Customer support that is really unacceptable!

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I had no problems with support. The Mudita team answered fast, professional and friendly to both, my post here in the forum and my ticket.

They might have a lot to do at the moment. I would wait until tuesday for them to reply and then politely write a second time in the open ticket.

@pewu I’m so sorry that you’re experiencing problems. I’ve escalated this issue with customer service. They should get back to you shortly. In the meantime, let me see if I can help? How are you charging the device? Via a USB port of an outlet with a charging brick? Are you using a 5V charger? Does Mudita Harmony respond when you plug it into your computer?

@urszula Thank you for your escalation. It worked! I was trying to charge the clock with standard 5V 1A and 5V 1,5A chargers, but without any effect. I hope I will have my clock either repaired or replaced.