Just purchased my Mudita pure!

I always new I wanted this phone from the moment I saw the first video of it. Unfortunately there were delays, but with these delays I was able to use the light phone 2 (not my cup of tea) and the Punkt (great phone but I had the blue colour which I hate!)
Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long for this phone but I am guessing the wait will be at least 4 months, hopefully in time for my cousins wedding. I would love to pull this phone out and get 10000 questions from all the guests. I did not get the case because I always like the feel of any phone when its case free. Anyhow, very excited about my purchase!


@cardio79 Thank you for your purchase & we’re doing everything possible so that you won’t have to wait too long for your Mudita Pure!

Thanks! I have accepted it will most likely be at the end of the summer but I will use my AGM M6, until my Mudita gets here.

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Thanks so much!
I did have a question about the case. I did not purchase it when I did my order last night. Is there anyway for me to purchase it now and have it come with my shipment? No big deal if I can’t

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Reason I ask is I was watching one of Jose’s reviews on you tube and he did mention the Mudita is slippery on the back. It is funny because yesterday I was out and I almost dropped my Nokia 225, which I have a case for, but I do not put on. Now i do!
But yeah just let me know, and I can purchase the case and then hopefully you can attach it to my phone order. Do you guys have plans to release another case? Something that is a more standard case vs a pouch?

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You can order and they’ll send it batched.


@Jose_Briones is right. @cardio79 I can DM you a free shipping code to use with a multiple bundled orders. This way you don’t have to pay twice for shipment.

Shoot I already paid the shipping :frowning:

For what it’s worth I don’t think it’s that slippery. I think the main value of the case is to prevent scratches. If you’re careful you won’t have issues.

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Yeah but with an investment like this I do not mind a pouch. If you drop this phone who knows the damage that will happen. I don’t usually like cases on phones, but even with the Punkt I am currently using I have had some close calls forgetting its in my pocket as I pull my wallet out. Better safe than sorry so I got the case. Now I can’t wait for the phone to get here lol. I am like a kid waiting for christmas!

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