Is BIG TECH in trouble

A few days ago, I watched an interesting segment on DW:

Back in October, VOX published an article on a similar note:

This made me think: Is the BIG TECH boom over? Are people just tired of BIG TECH? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Hope so :slight_smile:

Interesting debate:

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They are replaced by simpler new tech like Instagram, TikTok, Linux desktop, AliBaba and cheaper shops … However parts of alternates are also owned by them, so they will replace one source of income with another. In my eyes all these tech make people dumber and more computer addicted, but that is general trend.


Nothing can grow forever, and social media companies are running out of new users, new markets, and are seemingly doing everything they can to max out their time on site. But the party must end eventually.


@joshalb It’s looking more & more like the party might be over:

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The world lives in strange times. It will worsen because fear is the most powerful weapon for those in control since humans are humans.

I left social media because I got tired of their “science,” “truth,” and all the hate and unhealthy discussions, cancel, and woke cultures.

I left Paypal last month because of their “error” in fine people that they consider not following their “truth.” The truth in science (the real one) is an error yet to be discovered. It is a process, and all professional discussions and arguments should be considered.

People need to be aware of the dangers of making their life and decisions based on a display, which is a more significant challenge than big techs, because academics, professionals, and individuals, in general, are losing their proactivity and critical thinking, following only trends and politically correct approaches.

Societies are not evolved. They are much more complex and faster than a human can follow, especially with the flooding of different virtual options. It also brings other health concerns and discussions that are not a priority.

Maybe some people realize it now.