Ignoring Order Cancellation/Refund Requests

I ordered the Mudita Pure and the next day I needed to cancel the order, so I reached out to the customer service email to let them know to cancel my order. Instead, I’ve received no response from Mudita and the charge is sitting there on my charge card. I have no choice but to dispute the charge with the credit card company, since I am receiving zero responses from Mudita. It is not the way to build trust for a future purchase. I need the refund, especially since I have no product to show for it anyway!

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I believe that @urszula will help you soon. I waited a bit for an answer (maybe due to the holiday season), but now I have all my refunds. I don’t have anything to complain about their service. Perhaps, there was an unexpected logistic demand, as I see in the forum, and I’m sure they are working on that topic.

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@muskogeeboy Thank you for letting us know that there is a delay in getting back to you. I will reach out to our Customer Service department for an update on your ticket. I will get back to you shortly.

@muskogeeboy Refund has been processed. We are so sorry for the delay.
Here’s an update: We’ve just expanded our customer service team, so this will definitely help in with the support ticket turnaround.

@urszula i also have been having a similar issue. i emailed after months of waiting for a refund, the day it was shipped I got a response saying that if I didn’t want the phone I can send it back for a full refund. I was happy to receive the phone, but the back button does not work and there has since been zero response to my emails.

i’m a dev, and intend on building on the phone, but need some form of cohesive flow between your company to either get me a working version of the phone or get me a refund. i understand you are managing an incredible task, but feel the lack of support for customers is a bit insulting considering, for example, bananas are 50% higher than they were when I bought the phone.

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@tyana We understand your frustration and we are working to resolve our issues when it comes to our customer service response time. We apologize for the delay in getting back to you… We recently increased our customer service team, so this should definitely help when our community members contact us. I will reach out to our team to make sure the respond to your emails.