I cancled my mudita pure

First, I like mudita pure, so i placed an order on december,2021.
Even in the situation of none chinese localization.
one month later, I realized that it will be a big problem when I can’t even check a message.
so I cancled my order, and still following with the web.
and after 15 days, i still didn’t get my refund, so i sent an email to them,and they sent back a pic of refund details by paypal. So i checked my paypal account and find out that I should pay 35$ for getting my refund back to my bank account.
Then I contact with mudita stuff,they didn’t reply after just told me that they sent the money back to paypal cuz i paid by paypal(the truth is paypal is the only payment method on mudita website). So there is no solution for me, they just ignore my email .
So if you want to place an order, and it’s not free for withdraw money from paypal, you should thinking carefully.
Or maybe it will happening which is hapening to me now.

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@zhuyun Thank you for reaching out & letting us know about the issues that you have experienced. We looked into this situation and it appears that this fee is a PayPal fee charged to customers in Mainland China.

This is not something we have control over.
Additionally, like our customer service has informed you, we are required to refund the money via the same method with which the purchase was made.
We apologize for the inconvenience


is it not a situation that you can control? I don’t think so. I paid by paypal beacuse it’s the only payment method of your website. And I paid via my credit card , not paypay account balance, so you should refund to my credit account instead of refund to paypal account. I think it’s not hard to understand.
If I paid by credit card, you refund to credit card;
if I paid by paypal account , you refund to paypal account.
now what is happening? I paid by credit card, you refund to paypal account and saying that you can’t control.
SINCE it’s already happend, I was asking for help, to avoid the loss of both of us.
Including place a new order and then you refund me to my bank account.
But you don’t want to solve this problem obviously.
So the loss of 35$——what i am paying for trust this new phone brand.
OK, I got it .

Imagine being a company called SuperDuperProductsInc. And there is a guy called Rumpelstiltskin who wants to buy the new super-duper-product from SuperDuperProductsInc. Rumpelstiltskin orders the new product und pays for it. Somehow later Rumpelstiltskin decides that he doesn’t want to have the product for a reason which he could have known before. So SuperDuperProductsInc cancels the order and sends the money back (and doesn’t keep one cent of it and has additional unpaid overhead) via the company where they received their money from (Although Rumpelstiltskin paid via CC, it still was a paypal transaction, no matter how hard Rumpelstiltskin jumps around the fire). And on this way back, Paypal decides to keep a transaction fee for whatever reason.
Would you as SuperDuperProductInc pay for that fee? Is SuperDuperProductsInc the right company to blame? Or is it Paypal who should be blamed?

(I hope its clear who Rumpelstiltskin is. At least here in germany it’s a well-known fairy tale)


yes, because they claim to be refundable anytime before shipping, so I placed the order hastily
Since I’m not a German, so I don’t know the fairy tale you’re talking about, but obviously I know what you’re talking about.
First, thank you for the explanation for how paypal worked ,cuz I didn’t know how paypal worked before . So I misunderstood that it’s mudita company’s fault results my loss. And I never ask them pay for my loss, I just want to get some help. Maybe there are some way to avoid my loss. They didn’t explain clearly to mebut you did,tks), and didn’t reply anything finally. This is the reason why I am lossing my trust to them.
I do not know what is the online shopping environment likes in your country or the rest of the world. In China, good merchants help buyers solve a lots problems.

I believe mudita did what you asked for, giving you a refund.

What you are asking now, is for mudita to pay PayPal fees that have been taken from you by PayPal itself.

Now, let me make this clear how it works:
you paid with PayPal since, as you say, it’s the only available payment method (I didn’t check that), in your PayPal account you linked your credit card as far as I understood, so now PayPal took the money from your credit card to make the payment in mudita’s website, which means that you paid with PayPal.

As @urszula already told you, they can only refund customers via the same payment method used, in this case PayPal.

(Buy process) Credit Card -> PayPal -> Mudita
(Refund process) Mudita -> Paypal -> Credit Card (with fees taken by PayPal)


@joeheb & @Gab37 Thanks guys for all the support! Although we are sympathetic why someone could be frustrated when using third-party payment services, we can’t be responsible for fees if the transaction was cancelled. Also, those fees are only charged to users located in Mainland China.

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I am wondering which sentence or word i’ve typed out makes you feels like that i was asking for mudita to pay paypal fees?
Or it’s just your imagination.

I already figure out how it works by @joeheb 's explanation.


@zhuyun We realize that you’re frustrated in this situation. However, even if we wanted to refund the money to your credit card, we really couldn’t. Since you used PayPal, we never got any credit card information from you or PayPal-all we had just your email. Additionally, Polish regulations REQUIRE us to refund money in the same manner that the purchase was made.
Like I’ve mentioned previously, the fees are not something we have control over.

be to clear, I never ask mudita company to pay my paypal fees, none of my words shows that meaning.
All I asked was helping me .

As a merchant, this is not a good reason for them to behaved impatiently.
I writed all my wrong thinking about the refund path,but your co-worker didn’t make me clear about the right procedures, but on this page @joeheb@Gab37 they did it.
After all, I have figured out all the procedures and helped myself to minimize my loss.
Anyway ,I wrote down this experience so others can learn from it

It’s very clear now.
If your co-workers replied me like this, I could understood the situation earlier.

yes, it’s the only payment method.

yes, you didn’t asked, I didn’t sent. it’s alright.
It’s just that ,in China,we use Alipay. it’s never been like that .The refund will be return to bank account, not to the Alipay account balance.
So I never expected that to happen.

And that’s really the rub. OP is just sharing as a warning to other users, and maybe to Mudita themselves: despite its ubiquity, PayPal may not be the best solution—at least not for buyers in China. Companies like PayPal don’t make it easy to understand when charges like these will happen.

I understand the argument that one should fully know what they’re getting into when they enter a financial agreement, but when OP is making tons of transactions per day that don’t incur a 10% refund charge, it’s still a shock and unexpected.

I’m sorry you had a problem, @zhuyun.


Finally there is one person who understand my situation.
Thanks a lot! :handshake: I feel better now.

I didn’t noticed any agreement, at least there are no obvious hint.
As online shopping is so common nowadays , I really had no idea about the 10% charge.

yes,paypal is not the best solution for buyer in mainland China.
I ordered from other country’s shopping website, they provide other payment methods besides paypal.


Hey, I’d like to clarify one thing. We do not ship to China, and therefore Mudita ecommerce is not optimised for Chinese market. We are not responsible for the way our payment methods work with Chinese banks. Apparently there’s a fee, we were not aware of. You are the first person in our history to have (or at least to inform us about) this kind of issue. And believe me, we issued quite a few refunds when the project was delaying.
We appreciate your interest in Mudita and therefore I’d like to offer you a $30 discount code to use in our store. However, please remember, we do not ship to China and are not responsible for the way global payment methods worki with Chinese banks.
We’ll email you a code if you wish. Please let me know.
All the best!


I made a mistake, instead of “…is for mudita to pay PayPal fees” i wanted to say “…is for mudita to do something about PayPal fees”, I apologize… forgot to change it!


I accept it :slightly_smiling_face: