I am 515 on indiegogo

I am the 515 on indiegogo and I have preordered the pure in august 2020 why it has not been. Shipped yet even the production has been started since November 2021?

The second question why my contribution is not in my orders even it’s on indiegogo account ?

Please can you give me an estimate it’s already April
Thanks :pray:


@Amr_Osman I believe you’re waiting for a Pebble Grey color. As we mentioned in our Backer’s update last week- We’re just now catching with the production of Pebble Grey Mudita Pure phones.

We understand that everyone is very eager to get their Mudita Pure & it’s even more difficult when you see others posting about their experiences & you’re still waiting. The good news is that now we will focus on scaling this up.

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