How To Minimize Smartphone Use

Here are some of my thoughts on smartphone use and how to minimize it for those who are waiting for their Mudita to arrive :slight_smile: Article here!

TLDR: Main Argument: Your smartphone is not the problem, you are not the problem, the apps inside your smartphone create the problem of smartphone addiction.The less apps you depend on, the easier it will be to break free.

  • Steps for digital recovery

    • Step 1: Quit services

    • Step 2: Get secondary devices

    • Step 3: Start Time Blocking

    • Step 4: Find services that are allies

    • Step 5: Repeat

  • Learn to use Digital Well-being and Apple Screen Time, don’t tap away when your time is up, fight and use your time for your favorite hobby.

  • Get an Unpluq Key: This allows you to decide when to be distracted and when to be focused.

  • Get for laptop and phone productivity.

  • Get a KaiOS device: They are not perfect, but they can be good transition devices

  • Get a Light Phone 2, Mudita, or Punkt device: This is for those who have broken up with most online services and desire to live mostly offline.


Hey man, great write up. I’ve been loving your YouTube videos about these subjects.

I do have a question maybe you could answer — currently I have an iPhone, I really need to maintain iMessage and group text for my job but want to switch to a Mudita Pure (or dumb phone in general) for all other purposes. I would just keep my Phone at home in wi-fi.

Many guides I’ve seen say that before you transfer SIMs from your iPhone to your dumbphone you must disable ‘iMessage’.

In short, I’m wondering if I [how I] can switch to a dumbphone, using my same phone number, but maintain a wi-fi only iPhone for messaging purposes. I feel like this is a common question from many people looking to move away from smartphones.

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It’s possible to do this in the United States with T-mobile and their Digits program or with Verizon and their number share program. You essentially get all calls and texts forwarded from your iPhone to your Mudita, Light Phone, etc and everything syncs on the fly!! Pretty cool tech if you ask me haha. Your iMessages will not be forwarded since that is an apple platform, but your texts (sms) will. Digits works better than numbershare right now, but Verizon is working on their solution and improving it.

Let me know if you want to chat further about this or any other topic @textbook_quest


Ah great, thank you for the info I will look into those!

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You can have only an e-mail registered on iMessage instead of a phone number. You can check that on Settings/iMessage.

I hope it helped.


Thank you very much for your article, I’m always interested in these subjects.

For now I have the iPhone 11 that will take some time until I change it. I don’t like to have several devices or gadgets (gps, camera, etc) while I can have only one and make a responsible usage. Basically, my phone is almost always with the internet off, and I don’t have any social media app installed. Only telegram and Skype for work purposes. If I need a camera to scan a document or take a quick picture, or a gps with live traffic, I just need one device.

I see minimalism as having what we really need and make it as simple possible. I’m also concerned with emf and iPhone is not the best example of it, so that’s why it is on flight mode regularly.

When mudita bell is launched, I don’t need any more the phone as alarm. I’ve ordered a mudita phone to my girlfriend and I’ll also test it. Who knows if I’ll be converted or if I wait for more information about the ink device.

Thanks again.