How many backers are there?

I am an early backer on indiegogo [520] and i am wondering how many backers are there on all plateforms and when can i expect my phone to be shipped ?
the blog post says the planned production of 900 devices to the end of the year. does that mean that I can expect it in Dec ? if the sum of all backers is more than 900 what to expect ? why not declare a more detailed time line ? thank you


I have the same question… How many people ordered ? How many phones a week ? Even if it’s not super precise…
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@Amr_Osman @anon51628811 Hi guys,
Thanks for reaching out. We have approximately 2000 phones to ship to over 44 countries. Over half of those orders are backers (from both kickstarted & Indiegogo). Taking into consideration, production, manpower & logistics, we plan on posting weekly batch updates because the situation is very dynamic.


So , who would receive it first indiegogo or Kickstarter or i think there was another platform too … could you send email to all backers with their queue ID so they can estimate when to recieve

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@Amr_Osman We’re sending out the phones chronologically to all the Backers- we are not favoring one platform over the other. It’s very difficult for us to estimate shipments for the entire month at the moment because everything is changing from week to week. That’s why we will be making weekly updates. Sorry that I cannot give you a more precise date. Hopefully that helps.