How does the E-ink work on the charcoal black version’s screen?

How does the E-ink work on the charcoal black version’s screen? Is it possible reverse black and white like showed in pebble gray version


The E Ink display works the same way on both phones. To the best of my knowledge the only inverted screen on the black version of Pure is going to be the home screen.


Ohh OK. Thank you


The inversion of the screen in the dark phone was also a feature in the Light Phone 2. I had the dark-gray version and it worked well.

One problem they have faced, however is the e-ink background color itself. Their initial idea was to create a black and a white phone, but the e-ink is neither white, nor black (if cleared or filled) so they matched the phone body color to the e-ink color, resulting in a light-gray (and dark gray) phone.

Not sure what Mudita’s stance is on this, but seeing the mockups showing a super-white screen on the white phone can be deceiving (a little :wink: because the screen will likely be light gray.

Unless you found a way around it (that would be awesome!)


It would be nice to add a light and dark theme option, with the dark option inverting the colors. Either way there will be no browser content, no images, and no other media that would be negatively (pun intended) affected by this. I was actually wondering about this too, glad I saw this post. Perhaps a a software update can bring this feature even after launch?