How can I build my focus?

I’m backing the phone so that I can focus more after work but I need some advice. How can I build my focus? I know about pomodoro and things like that but I’m still struggling. Maybe it’s a personality thing.


There are a lot of things you can do to improve your ability to focus.
Here is some advice that might help:

  • Sleep. It has a direct link to cognitive functions such as the ability to focus and perform. Quality sleep (7-9 hours but it varies from person to person) helps us to think clearly, remember more and make better decisions. A lack of sleep can result in an inability to focus.
  • Meditate. Meditation has long been known as an incredible tool in managing our emotions. Researchers found that after three months at a meditation retreat, people came out with an incredible ability to focus (source)!
  • No multitasking. Regretfully, it has a negative effect on your ability to focus. According to different researches, multitasking and constantly switching between tasks will actually take away from focus because you’re not allowing yourself time to adjust to one thing. Monotasking is useful (source), especially for children.
  • Use natural light (source). Studies found that people who work in offices filled with natural light experience substantially less eye strain and headaches. Although if you are struggling to focus after work, it could be that you’re tired and it’s too dark for you. There might be artificial day lamp options out there but they’re likely to affect your eyes and sleep negatively.
  • Don’t forget about breaks. Research shows that short breaks restore our motivation and help to achieve long-term goals (source). Taking breaks, even when you’re struggling to focus on a task at home, rather than at work, can be helpful. It’s also effective to reward yourself in some way once a task is complete.

How to stay focused at work (from my experience) but this might work at home too: Any routine takes a large part of my focus. So before starting anything I ask myself why I should do it. With this answer I’m starting to evaluate the task. Then I find ways for the task to become fun and not boring (if it’s possible). Also it’s always helpful when I have my list written on a piece of paper of tasks, beside my laptop. Having it in your PC or a phone is not efficient, it often makes you want to check other apps or social media.

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It is true that sometimes keeping notes in our phones can result in being distracted by other apps etc. but I think if the distracting apps are removed then using an app for notes is very useful. This is a personal preference though of course! Paper based lists are effective too.

@nosurfsammy, what are you trying to focus on? I, for example, have the most trouble on focusing on TV shows and movies.

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There’s a nice article about concentration training.


Do you check your phone whilst watching TV shows or movies? I know some people keep the TV on in the background whilst they do other things.

Amazing list of ideas, thanks for sharing this @m.kurczewski!

Thankfully, I can’t stand the TV as background noise. If I am watching something and I get bored, I check my phone, messenger, and games (all before I turn on the TV).

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