Hotspot 4G connection with iOs

The Mudita phone is really interesting. But, we ask ourselves if it can connect to an iPhone with a “USB-C toward Lightning” cable, in order to have a hotspot 4G on the iPhone ? (also iPad) It’s important for us that it would be possible, especially to use the GPS on the iPhone in move, or also the popular Facebook Messenger for example to keep contact with some people abroad.
Thanks a lot.


I too would ideally like hotspot functionality for iPad: from reading a previous thread regarding this, I understand that it is being considered, but will not be implemented from the time of release.
If GPS and FB Messenger were particularly important to me, I would just stick with the iPhone altogether…but this should work similarly to iPad, if and when they enable such operation.


@3meline Thank you for reaching out with your question. I am going to check on this for you.

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That would be a complete game-changer for me order other mudita. :slight_smile:

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