Hello! // Feature Suggestions + Introduction!


Extremely excited abut this company, product, and technology!
I see many visions in my head using this product heavily.

Curious about a few of the features and suggestions:
-2G low band technology // is there info on coverage map ??
Looking for something that includes world // rural coverage and is there any possibility for amfm 2-way // walky-talky type feature??

  • also interested in group message abilities ?? group text ?? sending audio or video in group messages?? //

  • also I am hoping for future versions that have water // shock // dust proof designs for off grid durability.


They’ve been pretty adamantly against group text/call capabilities. If I remember correctly, audio and video messages will be forwarded to the MuditaOS computer app but the e-ink display on the Pure itself wouldn’t support multimedia.

The Mudita Pure is rated for IP54 — which is minimal water/dust resistance, but it’s better than nothing. I am also hoping for really good improvements on this in the following iterations. Curious to hear what staff has to say!

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I find the modem hub utility very useful as well especially in rural third world settings… What is the data speed upload / download on the modem feature??

  • really hoping for voice memo type feature as well… and able to send voice memos via text … and group texts! :grin: