Gut feeling is that this isn't going to be ready by November

It seems as if they really aren’t mentioning the track to get this shipped.
It will also be in the heart of Christmas season.
I mean it is what it is, but I think it could be another announcement in September explaining the bad news.

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@Kevin_Moses I can understand your concern. With a couple of previous delays, it’s reasonable that you might have some concerns. However, we are still on track to launch Mudita Pure this fall, like we announced back in March. .2020 was a very challenging year for us. In fact, the global situation created delays in many sectors of the economy, due to persistent lockdowns, travel restrictions and limits on in-person meetings. Those restrictions are just beyond our control. Since our phone is manufactured in EUROPE, there was just no way for us to go around those hurdles. However, things are opening up & we are moving forward reasonably well. I’ll talk to our engineering team about preparing a more updated timeline with all the items that still need to get done. We posted a production timeline with the March update, but I think we can include another one with the update later on this month.


Still nothing - early March 2022.

I requested a refund in January and was told it would be processed straight away. So far nothing and my emails are being ignored. Is the company going bust? Beware!!!

@grecol Our apologies for missing your e-mail. I saw that you were in contact with our Customer Service last month and we noticed you posted your message on several threads here. We have processed your refund & you should get your money shortly. Again, our apologies for the oversight & the long wait.

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Hello Greg,
sorry to hear that the process didn’t work as we expected.
Your request is being processed right now.
Apologies from me and my team for the delay.

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