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I have been on this trend of reading those long legal privacy & policy documents that are buried in the website/app “check here to agree to our terms and continue using our product” and I am truly appalled about what most companies put in there; A huge majority, if not all, are using Google to collect data. Does anyone use the Google Analytics Opt Out browser extension ( I find it insane that there are no checks and balances. :angry: Google follows you around and then says that the only way to get them to stop is by permanently installing a product MADE BY THE SAME COMPANY onto your device. :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I already try to adjust the cookie settings on individual websites. Is there another way to prevent or at least eliminate data siphoning? Do you trust the browser extension to do what it says it does?

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Ublock origin


I use Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger extensions, they block most of the bad stuff (both are open-source too).

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@Jose_Briones Never heard of it. Do you have a link?

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@private Thank you for taking the time to reply! I will try some of your suggestions. Much appreciated!

Well aware of this and I make sure to turn WiFi off every time (and I never use Free WiFi). I find it to be horrendously inconvenient for the end user to have the setting function this way yet I say that knowing this is absolutely the intention and the Apple profits from it.


I use AdGuard on my iPad and Mac. The safari also block some trackers.

BTW, I deleted all kind of google analytics from my website.

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@private, thank you. I’ll look at it. I’m not too fond of the cookies banner either. I use a generic (and discrete) one due to the privacy policy requirement by GDPR.


@private. I just installed this one with automatic block 3rd party scripts, and a disabled geolocation option. It seems to be privacy-friendly. (

About the visitors, I’m using the standard analytics platform integrated on WordPress.

Also, I don’t have any embedded third-party plugins. I have all my videos and images stored on the server. I don’t have registration or commenting activated on my website. I may have some links that redirect to other websites in my blog, but it is optional to click.

In my privacy policy pages, I vigorously promote anti-trackers to use the internet in general.

I’ll sell e-books in the future on my website only. I got a simple plugin ( that allows buying through Paypal (or other), and I only get “residual” information of the person (name, email, and purchased product) for accountability purposes. @kirkmahoneyphd, maybe you’ll find this plugin interesting for you.

I believe that, for now, I have minimal, necessary, and user-friendly privacy focus. :slight_smile:


@regbarata Quite the interesting bio and background you have, sir. Nice clean website as well. Keep up the great work you do in your business and protecting the privacy of your visitors and clients!

:clap: :clap: Eu amo isso.