Full real thumb keyboard

I use my phone mostly for typing and reading. So i like the idea of the e-Paper display. I don’t really need colors on my phone. I want to limit the usability. Right now i have a Blackberry and i’m in love with the Keyboard. If the focus with ePaper is on typing and reading, the real keyboard would make a big difference.


YES, that would be SO GOOD. I don’t text a lot but what I have been seeking is a phone with just talk and text with a full keyboard. I very much second this sentiment.


A version of the phone with a full keyboard - qwerty, azerty, etc…- would be PERFECT!!!
I think Mudita could add this to the next-gen of the phone. I doubt that the present version includes it, considering they are already announcing the final design. Besides, with this version, you cannot use social media and emails, just regular SMS.

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Hey everyone,

you are right - we don’t offer QWERTY keyboard for Mudita Pure. We wanted to make the design simple and minimalistic.

Thank you for all your comments!