Full real thumb keyboard

I use my phone mostly for typing and reading. So i like the idea of the e-Paper display. I don’t really need colors on my phone. I want to limit the usability. Right now i have a Blackberry and i’m in love with the Keyboard. If the focus with ePaper is on typing and reading, the real keyboard would make a big difference.


YES, that would be SO GOOD. I don’t text a lot but what I have been seeking is a phone with just talk and text with a full keyboard. I very much second this sentiment.


A version of the phone with a full keyboard - qwerty, azerty, etc…- would be PERFECT!!!
I think Mudita could add this to the next-gen of the phone. I doubt that the present version includes it, considering they are already announcing the final design. Besides, with this version, you cannot use social media and emails, just regular SMS.


Hey everyone,

you are right - we don’t offer QWERTY keyboard for Mudita Pure. We wanted to make the design simple and minimalistic.

Thank you for all your comments!


Agreed, my favorite way to type on a phone was with a qwerty keyboard. BUT if Mudita can come up with a typing system like T9, then that’s nearly as good.


I can confirm that we are working on a similar solution to T9. We would like to make typing as comfortable as possible for everyone.


I forgot how amazing T9 is. Switching to a full + digital keyboard was actually really hard to accept for me when I first got a smartphone! I only use swype to text now because it’s such a pain to click all the keys properly with a touchscreen keyboard. The simplicity of T9 is something I will happily move back to, and the nostalgia is a happy bonus.


A related keyboard question:
Will Mudita Pure support USB On-The-Go to allow a USB keyboard to be connected for typing long texts in the Notes app? That would be a truly minimal offline typewriter :smiley:

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Hey @Hans_Kignell ,

I’ve spoken to the engineering team and they’ve sent me the response below, I hope it answers your question. We checked OTG’s support potential and had 2 options:

  1. Using an external USB stack, but unfortunately only one met our requirements. The others didn’t have the possibility to integrate with our system (e.g. they worked only with the manufacturer’s custom RTOS system or were made especially for AVR family processors). The one that was suitable was too expensive.

  2. The second solution was to use the existing USB host and to refactor it. Unfortunately, it turned out that it would take a very long time so we decided against this.

In addition, it turned out that if we want our device to be a host, it would need several components added to the PCB, which would result in a higher additional cost per device and a dedicated prototype would be required to test this solution. We fought with the cost of the BOM and battery space, so we decided not to implement this solution.

Hi @anon32618512! Thanks for your fast response. Too bad there won’t be OTG, but maybe you can save it for Pure rev 2 :smile:

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