Frustration at first...Renewed Hope

Sigh. I’m incredibly frustrated with my Mudita products at this point.
My Pure has sat in a drawer for the last month+ because of carrier issues in the US. Has anyone had any luck with a mobile carrier in the US that has worked for more than two weeks and is still working?

I requested a refund and Mudita has approved it, however, I waited SO long for this phone and I am a believer in the mission of the company and the phone that I don’t want to send it back yet in hopes that things may get worked out.
I have ALWAYS had issues with the Mudita Center.

*Phone won’t connect

  • If it does connect, it asks to send the crash logs, but it fails every time
  • I saw the Pure has an update, but after about 8 tries to get it to connect with the Mudita Center, the update crashes
  • I saw there was an update for the Mudita Harmony, but it won’t connect.
  • I uninstalled Mudita Center, turned on and off the clock and phone and nothing.
    *UPDATE! (2p PST) I used a friends iMac and had zero issues connecting to Mudita Center to update my Harmony and Pure. Maybe the Center update on Windows 10 is faulty?
  • ANOTHER UPDATE (2:09p PST) - On a whim I decided to reinsert my US Mobile sim card and it is working! I’ll use this post as a reminder of when it began working again. Back to the Pure I go for another round of checking things out.
    My SIM has a pin activated on it and every time the phone locked, it asked me to input the pin meaning no service was coming through. I have since turned it off and it appears the service bars are staying present.
  • Update (4:17p) - Service stopped coming in around 2:45p. I was out and about so once I got home I switched to sim card tray 2. It shows service. We shall see…
  • Update (8:25p) - The phone stayed in my car while I was at work from 5:30p-8:25p. When I got to the car, it showed I had 4 messages from “2300”, I believe these may be group chats that can’t come through. Then immediately the signal went to “x”. It took 45 minutes to get home and settled and the service bars never came back. I’m back on my smartphone. This has to be that confirming what @Jose_Briones has said about the APN numbers being updated periodically, because once I enter the sim card in my smartphone I get a message that says “We see you phone does not have correct setting to access the internet or send MMS. Settings will be sent to your handset.” Once it updates, it works on my smartphone. I will try to reinsert the sim card into my Pure to see if it works again. I’m wondering if this is something the Pure could get updated to do so that it works in the US. It seems as though we just need a way to have out settings update when the service provider pushes those out.

I’d love to troubleshoot via a phone call instead of through constantly writing long messages. That’s part of why I liked the idea of the Pure. In my mind I would have a template message that would say something like, “I’ve received your message, but it’s too much to message about, what’s a good time for a phone call?” or “Let’s take this to an email as I reserve sms for quick short messages only”.

At this point I have a bunch of good looking electronics that do not work well, or in some cases at all, and the only thing that I can say I like that doesn’t give me a headache or leave me utterly frustrated is the beautiful cork case.

Phew. Trying to find some positive here. Ok, I thought of one. The Harmony does have some glitches, but fortunately it does work more than it doesn’t. I really enjoy the relaxation sounds, especially the “bubbling brook” (honestly I don’t use any others), although if I have it set to run for 30 or more minutes, there’s an obvious restart at the 15-minute mark where it fades out and then restarts. Eventually I would like to add my own sounds, but it’s not a big deal that I can’t. Sometimes, though, I’ll select the relaxation sound to start but it won’t. I’ll have to back out to the clock view and go back in to get it to start playing. This isn’t all the time, but enough times that I know. I can’t just select it and go about my business, I have to watch to make sure it begins playing.

I knew I would be in the beginning phases of these products, but WOW, with all of the work, time, and effort I am putting into these products, I feel like I should be getting compensated in some way. Mudita needed to have beta testers that received free products to work out the base levels kinks (calls, sms, sound, dropped calls, mudita center updates, connections, and logs) before selling it to people and relying on them to figure out all these kinks. If I had known I would be doing all of this, I probably would have waited to purchase once things were, at the very least, functional.
I could wait on the notes, calendar, being able to create playlists/other music updates, bluetooth, t9 texting, etc. But waiting for the phone to actually work consistently or at all? :triumph:

It’s a hard position to be in from a business and a consumer standpoint, I get it. Mudita needs money, but consumers also need functioning devices. I backed the company and the phone because of the mission and I wanted to make sure it came to life, but damn…I am frustrated.

I’m trying to keep the faith and hope that things will get worked out, but there is SO much that needs to be worked out, it’s feeling like this phone is a LONG ways away from consistently working, at least here in the US.


I returned my Punkt yesterday, and I loved that phone. But the Mudita was always in the back of my head. I purchased it…then second guessed got a refund, but then I ordered it again. Going to roll the dice to see how well the phone works in Canada. At the worst I can get a refund but I am really hoping I don’t need to.


Why did you return the Punkt, was it the new gen?

It was new gen. Wanted to try mudita but changed my mind again. I think I will try to find a more affordable dumb phone at this point. May pick up the Nokia 110 4g, RIght now I am using the AGM 6 and its too bulky

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Did you like the new gen Punkt phone? Any major issues?

I liked it a lot, no issues.

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