First impressions of Mudita Pure

Short version first:

I got my pebble grey Mudita Pure a couple of weeks ago and for two days I tried to use it as my daily phone but had to switch back to my iPhone for now. I like the look and feel of the Pure but can’t use it full time in the current state (MuditaOS version 1.1.6) due to shortcomings and bugs. I look forward to software updates and feel confident that over time the phone will evolve into what I need and expect from it. Keep up the good work Mudita!

Longer version:

Finally it arrived!
It was a long wait for me as an initial backer of the project but I have appreciated the transparent updates from Mudita along the way which made me never doubt that we would get to see the completion of the phone.

The initial reason I got attracted to the project was to find a minimal phone with just the right set of features. I have used a few feature phones before but some things was always missing in my view; ease of use, speed, stability or essential design and functions. I was not looking for any simple emergency phone but a specific tool that would help me in my wish to use technology more mindfully.

The Mudita Pure promised to deliver on multiple key points for me: low SAR, e-paper display, minimalistic design, music player, syncing of contacts and calendar, a desktop app for long form SMS, 3.5 mm headphone jack and bluetooth for handsfree use in a car.

When later on the software were made open source I felt this too was an important step in the right direction. This also led me to get involved to take some part in the Swedish localization.

Another big reason I decided to support Mudita Pure on Kickstarter was to see an independent manufacturer on the market with otherwise total dominance of big tech companies.

My first impressions with the phone are a bit mixed. It looks really good and feels good in the hand, but it’s too smooth and slippery. The buttons have a good feel to them, but the arrow buttons are a bit too hard to press and the ring could be wider. The e-paper display is nice but not perfect. On the software side it shows a lot of promise but you can quickly tell that it’s still very much in development. A lot of functions are half way there, some are missing altogether.

The most troublesome at this point is that some of the main functions just don’t work as expected. Since it is marketed as a premium feature phone with just the essential functions I feel that it is necessary to have those functions work flawlessly.

These are the main things that stops me from using the phone today:

  • bad phone call sound quality on my end (the other end seems to hear me okay)
  • I experienced that all incoming calls are not coming through (might be because of my service provider but I have never had this problem with other phones)
  • some outgoing SMS messages could not be delivered (again this might be because of my service provider but I have never had this problem with other phones)
  • bluetooth pairing to either a 2018 BMW or 2018 Volvo doesn’t work (pairing with JBL speakers works fine)
  • the music app is far from finished

Other things that needs to be addressed:

  • audible SMS notification when playing music (vibration works though)
  • better battery life
  • too small font (especially in text input where separators are extra hard to distinguish)
  • very limited emojis support in received SMS (on the other hand all emojis work fine in Mudita Center)
  • matching incoming phone number to contacts seems to only work with certain formatting of the numbers

High on my list of necessary functions are also:

  • T9 for text input
  • MMS support; I think the best solution is that messages are received and stored in the phone for later viewing in Mudita Center where it should also be possible to send MMS

There are a lot of smaller improvements in the software I can think of, too detailed to mention here, and I trust the developers will bring us updates. Otherwise I’ll try to contribute to the open source code :slight_smile:
As an example of something I miss are function shortcuts on the arrow buttons when on the home screen. For a phone of this kind I want to be able to access the functions easily and perform common tasks without taking extra steps. Nokia 105 for instance allows you to start a new SMS by pressing left and reaching the contacts list by pressing down.

As for my wish list for next hardware revision of Mudita Pure:

  • grippier surface
  • better e-paper display; compared to a Kindle Paperwhite 3 the quality difference is noticeable
  • much better battery life
  • it would also be nice if it was more durable and water resistant and dustproof


It’s too bad that I couldn’t make the switch to the Pure as soon as I got it, but the basic functions it should perform as a phone has to work.
With the coming software updates I expect to see improvements on many of the current shortcomings and I still feel this phone has great potential to live up to the initial promises.


Thanks for sharing. I’m sad to hear that the issues are also with European carriers. Hoping for software fixes. Btw, MMS won’t be possible with the current implementation because the OS blocks internet downloads which MMS needs. So even with Mudita center it might not be possible.

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My service provider (Europe) provides me with a 10-digit code which I can use on their website to retrieve mms messages and download them to my computer. The code is sent to my phone as a sms and is unique for every mms. Not exactly new technology, It wouldn’t surprise me if you can activate this function on several other carriers, but since few people use sms only phones these days is not exactly a deciding factor that they advertise to have.

In the past there where quite extensive, lists of carriers that let you use their gateway servers as mail recipients, and by putting the phone number in front of the @ ( the e-mail was converted to à sms and sent to the phone. (Text only obviously)

I think a list of wich carriers that offers mms viewing by a computer would be a good thing.

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@Hans_Kignell Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. We really appreciate it.
At Mudita, we value your opinions & it helps us make better products.
Could you please let us know what service provider are you using and in what country? This will give us some insight into bands & perhaps we can determine if it is a network issue or a software/hardware issue.
Also, it’s really helpful to transmit all logs connected with any issue/problem to Mudita via Mudita Center. This way we can recrate the problem & address it correctly.
That said, we are planning to address the concerns about call quality and battery life in the upcoming update. We are also working on a predictive texting option, which is very high on our priority list.
Functions such as the music player and calendar are currently being ironed out. We do hope to get all the features up and running in a fairly short period of time.
We do understand that it must be frustrating when you order a product & it’s not what you expected, but we would like to assure you that we are working on everything. We want Mudita Pure to not only be a good phone, we want it to be a GREAT phone.
I will tag @Bartosz_sp2fet in this message, so perhaps he can give you a better idea as to why the Bluetooth is not working on the models you mentioned.


@urszula I’m happy to help find and solve any problems with the phone. It would be great to see it become a great phone :smiley:
My service provider is called Vimla! and uses the Telenor network in Sweden.
As far as uploading error logs it does not seem to work for me… When I connect the phone to the computer a popup appears in Mudita Center with the title Error and a message saying Mudita Pure crashed. I press Accept and it seems to be sending the logs. But when I disconnect the phone from the USB cable the same popup appears and next time I connect the phone the same popup appears again. And this happens every time.
I look forward to the coming updates to see if some of my issues are addressed.

The crashing thing happens to me to…
I love that the software works so fast, but I’m sad that the Pure doesn’t do the basics well. I hope the Mudita team doesn’t give up on this project and I hope they don’t start producing phones in China :disappointed:

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We are currently working on HFP implementation to be able to fully support car audio devices (infotainment systems). Hope this explains anything :stuck_out_tongue:
We know that there’s an issue with connecting to the car, that’s why we’re on track with it.