Expanded storage for music?

I love that Pure will play flac files and that I could potentially leave the dedicated music player behind… but only 16gb on board?? Really? Flash storage is so so cheap now. I’d happily pay 20 or 30 bucks more to have 128 or even 256 gb of storage to carry a significant high-res music collection with me everywhere, especially for traveling and driving. I assume there’s no easy way to add an SD card slot? How about a way to plug in a usb-c flash drive and read music files of that?


Thanks for your question @Neil_Buckland, you may need to be more selective about what you add to the device. I have asked our engineering team about storage, when they get back to me, I’ll update you. There is no way to add an SD card slot.

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Hi @Neil_Buckland,

I’ve spoken to the engineering team. You can connect a flash drive to Pure but unfortunately the data will not be read. Pure will not react in any way.

We had another case that concerned data transfer between phones and it turns out that in this case there would have to be similar changes in the software.

We had 2 options:

  1. We were looking for a third party USB stack which was stable and could be integrated into our project. After some research, we found three candidates. Unfortunately, only one matched our requirements. This is because the others could not be integrated easily to our system (only works with custom RTOS or was made specifically for AVR family processors). The biggest problem with the one that matched our requirements is that it was far too expensive.
  2. The second option for us was taking an existing USB host and device stack and refactor it. But we would have spent a lot of time implementing this, so we dropped it.

I hope this answers your questions and gives you more of an insight into the complicated process of creating a phone like Mudita Pure from scratch.


It’s too bad there’s not at least 32 GB, but with an average FLAC album size of say 350 MB or 5 MB per minute, it’s likely possible to fit 40+ albums on the phone. That’s quite a bit of tunes, 45 hours worth by my estimation. Perhaps the entire Library of Congress collection doesn’t need to fit on the phone. :slight_smile: Anyway, when I have too many options, it can make choosing more difficult.