Electric vehicles and dumb phones; what's it like in Europe?

Hi all -
Currently I reside in Utah, United States of America and had wanted to know if any European’s had experience living with both an electric vehicle and not-smartphone? At least in the US there was a time when doing long distance, coast to coast traveling without a smartphone was quite difficult because many fast chargers only used smartphone apps or NFC readers. (Electrify America changed this by putting debit card readers on all their stalls). This was actually the main reason I held onto my smartphone for as long as I did. Things have changed though and now I can travel all across the US / Canada without a smartphone, relying on my paper maps and the internet on my PC occasionally.

Anyway, I’m curious to know how you Europeans get along without smartphones, charging your electric vehicles on public infrastructure. Do many of your stations have debit card readers or is it all smart apps? What’s the experience like?

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This was my biggest concern also, but in Slovenia, I can get by with an rfid card from our main petrol supplier who also owns most of the highway fast chargers, another card from another supplier for many type 2 chargers and that’s about it. I have the luxury of charging for free where I live, and the provider has a system where you open an account and then start charging by just calling a number related to the charging station’s plug. But I think traveling across Europe is probably not possible without a smartphone or at least a whole lot of preparation i guess.

Oh and I don’t think any of our charging stations have a debit card reader.
And it’s probably going to take some legislative changes, to push the providers to install those.

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