eInk writing tablet

Hey guys, I know you are probably a long way off considering future products, but with the success of the Pure on kickstarter and a really positive response to your concepts and manifesto, maybe the following would be worth a consideration in the future. The remarkable product appears to be the closest thing to a real writing expereince on a technilogical device, and there concept and rationale seem positive and quite aligned with your own. However there are some key mindsets, philiosophys and expertise I have seen reflected in your forums that present a posibility for something more. Their device still has an air of everyone elses in style and functionality. With Mudita design language and proprietry OS, there may be scope to make something which really connects creativity and technology, with a life offline, embracing the freedom and joy of sketching & writing with pencil and paper, while been able to stay productive at the same time. As the idea of tablets came from stone, perhaps a tablet designed and shaped to feel and look like a stone influenced by the pure minimalist concept could make a product like this really hit the mark. You probably know there product, but here is a link to a marketing video they did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcdxW2XF0v8&feature=youtu.be and the main product page: https://remarkable.com/ Food for thought, perhaps.


I love this idea!