Dual SIM Capability

Hi all! I think the Mudita Pure is a wonderful concept, and I can’t wait to support the development later on! I live and travel in multiple countries, and currently rely on WhatsApp for most of my communication. I can imagine using the Mudita Pure as my primary phone, with a separate WiFi-only Android for WhatsApp whilst I’m at home. However, having dual SIM capability in the Pure could ensure I can still receive important SMSs from my home country whilst I’m away from it. Has this feature been considered?


Hi @Hamish_Hay,
Thank you so much for thinking Mudita Pure is a wonderful concept, that’s really kind of you. Although it won’t have WhatsApp, Mudita Pure has two nano SIM card slots to enable switching between cards on the go. This allows you to use local SIM cards when abroad, while your home country SIM card stays securely in the phone instead of somewhere else, in your wallet or bag for example. It can be activated anytime you need it. I hope this helps, if you have any further questions, let me know!

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Will the dual SIM be Dual Standby or Dual Passive?
Meaning will you be able to receive calls and texts in both or do you have to manually switch between them?

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Thanks for the question, @Moshe_Gross To use each SIM, you will have to switch between the two.