Documentation serial port api

I came to the pure mostly because of the Free operating system and the desktop app. Concerning the desktop app, I prefer to have an app that doesn’t rely on electron so that I recently tried to write my own ( that I want to release as free software too) but there is only few documentation almost outdated.

I’m currently able to manage contact database (list, create, update and delete) but I don’t know how to retrieve conversation associated with a contact.

(my software definitively not as nice as yours)

Could you share your documentation relative to the communication to the pure. There is no problem for me if the api is still unstable.


@oiseauroch Thanks for reaching out. Mudita Center as well as MuditaOS, are both open source, so you can get all you need from GitHub:

Let me know if this doesn’t cover what you need.

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I agree. Though I’d like to just use the command line to communicate with the phone. Could you please broadly describe how your app works? Does it also rely on the node runtime and the IPC and serialisation packages used in Mudita center?

I do recognize the incredible work put into MuditaOS and Mudita center. :wink:

Maybe you’ve seen this; I don’t mean to spam the forums too much with this: I tried to update the Pure package to use ESM but could not get the Jest framework to cooperate. I just can’t believe how long it takes for certain tools to finally get updated to the current standard.

I don’t/won’t have the time to do much coding and I’m not much of a developer. But I also created a project, deno-pure-phone, because I’d like to try out a better runtime (deno) with testing and typescript support out-of-the box, along with other advantages.

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Hi @oiseauroch and @sharethewisdom, it’s so heart-warming that you wanted to write your own app to communicate with Pure!
Right now we’re working on the API to communicate with Mudita Center, so it may be changed a little bit. When it will be finished, we’ll publish the whole API documentation, so you’ll be able to write your own companion tool.

By the way, if you had any questions regarding the API you can ask me or write on GitHub :slight_smile:


@Bartosz_sp2fet Thanks for chiming in on this topic. I’m sure this is good news for everyone who’s interested in this topic.

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Thanks for the reply @Bartosz_sp2fet , I understand you’re still working but if you have a bit more information that is currently available, I would be really interested. No problem if the api is not stable yet, I just want to play with my pure and I’m okay to change my software on each pure update.

For now, I don’t find how to get thread id from contact id and I would have like to have documentation of outbox instead of reverse engineering it.

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@oiseauroch Our team just published the documentation:


It’s not complete yet - we’ll be adding more endpoints as the time goes :wink:

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@Bartosz_sp2fet Thanks for the update :smiley: