Default front lock screen graphic

Will it be possible to plaster one’s business card on the front the lock screen as it consumes no battery power to do so for static imagery, or perhaps a lost or stolen reward QR code ?

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@hwop I’m not sure I understand what you intend to do. Do you just want to physically stick something on the phone?

I meant that the lock screen can hold a graphic even when the battery is flat, so why not a lost and found QRcode, or a business card.

What use is a clock if there is no refresh ?

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The screen is refreshing according to the clock change - in this case once per minute. It wouldn’t make any sense if the clock wouldn’t be refreshed, as you said.
According to the graphic on the lock screen - from the developer’s point of view it’s totally doable as we already have a Mudita logo as one of the options, so you can swap those graphics and rebuild the system. I’ll pass the idea further, so maybe it will be possible to add those images via Mudita Center.


FYI it has been taken into account as a feature to consider in the Mudita Center