Connectivity mode button

So i was looking at the design (again), and it struck me that the connectivity mode selection button potrudes out of the main body of the phone.
You can problably imagine what’s happening to such buttons/switches: they sometimes get unintentionally pressed/switched while in your pocket.

This might not seem as a serious issue with buttons for volume and such, but if it’s a hard switch to disable all communications, it might raise some concerns.
Imagine if an emergency call fails to go through, or you just enjoy a (suspiciously) calm day at work, and then realise your phone had it’s transciever turned off for the last few hours, because you bumped your phone while it was in your pocket.

I strongly suggest to reduce the size of this switch, so it no longer sticks out of the phone’s body, possibly with a slight notch in it to provide traction sufficient for easy use.

Kind regards.


I’m concerned about this as well. I hope it’s quite difficult to move otherwise I could see it becoming problematic.

I know that the ‘silent’ switch on my iPhone is already frequently moved by mistake. Hope this one isn’t the same.


@textbook_quest @infiriel I have passed this question on to our design team. They are just getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. I’ll will get back to you both with an answer shortly.


Understood, i’ll be waiting for an answear, whether it’s still doable or not.

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@infiriel & @textbook_quest According to our design department, it’s virtually impossible switch the mode unintentionally. There’s quite a bit of resistance between each more. Hopefully this helps.