Community MuditaOS dev chat

I made a UNOFFICIAL MuditaOS discord channel for anybody else who wants to contribute to this (I have quite a few patches that I want to implement, and it would be cool to have a community for this)


@brinly Thanks for sharing!

:wave: @brinly much appreciated!
Please keep us in the loop on how this is evolving.
If you’ll find out that there is a big need for real-time comms regarding MuditaOS then that’s great and we’d love to participate.

We are strongly committed to asynchronous comms on the Forum and in GitHub issues, since it’s more “Muditaesque” without the need of checking and responding to notifications. Also, what’s written asynchronously in a dedicated thread is easier to focus on and to follow by developers looking for answers (especially using search engines).

Anyway, we love your idea :heart_decoration: