CO2 sensor in Bell?!

Would it make sense to integrate a CO2 sensor in the Mudita Bell? I know of a Swiss company that produces these sensors and they are for example used in schools now to give an indication when the air in a classroom should be refreshed, since the CO2 content also corresponds to the virus concentration in the room.

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@thinkround The idea behind Mudita Bell is centered around simplifying our sleeping routine. I’m not very familiar with the sensitivity of those detectors, however, since CO2 monitors are used to monitor the air in a given room, wouldn’t that require you to move your Mudita Bell from room to room a you go about your day?

true, it would just measure the room the device is in.

@thinkround Having an air quality monitor IS an interesting idea, however, I’m not sure how practical it would be inside Mudita Bell. If air quality is important, then having a CO2 detector/purifier in every room would be more useful. I’ll definitely put it in the IDEAS list, but I’d love to hear what other potential users think of the idea as well.

Air quality sensors are quite widely available, but I can’t say that I feel the need for one at home: plenty of plants which do their job, and I know when I must get outdoors.
I’m not sure that such a device would be cost-effective for you, or prove worthwhile for us without complicating things, rather than simplifying!

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@chrisnb I am definitely with you on this, but that’s just MY personal opinion. Also, I don’t think I would want to carry the Mudita Bell from room to room as I go about my day. But that’s just me :slight_smile:

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