Celebrity endorser of Mudita Pure?

Forum discussions about minimalism, decluttering, and simplifying one’s life reminded me about two of my favorite books:

  • Spark Joy by Marie Kondo;
  • Deep Work by Cal Newport.

If the Mudita Pure ever were to have a celebrity endorser, whom would you nominate?

I would nominate Marie Kondo (in Japan) and Cal Newport (in the USA).


@kirkmahoneyphd Both are on our list: https://mudita.com/community/blog/the-top-15-minimalist-influencers-you-should-know/


Im a huge fan of Cal Newport i also liked his book a world with out email that was a real great engaging book.


I wonder if we have any celebrities or influencers on this FORUM? I know @Jose_Briones has his awesome YT channel & @kirkmahoneyphd is a well-known, published author, however, I wonder if there are others among us, who can spread the gospel of Mudita Pure just as well, if NOT BETTER than those mainstream names. After all, we should want people from the MUDITA community. to spread the word. What do you guys think of an affiliate program?

I like the idea! What I cannot say is whether Mudita should start it at or soon after the launch OR should wait a few months before starting the affiliate program. I now like better the refer-a-friend-for-rewards affiliate programs than the affiliate-link programs, but I suspect that the latter approach is easier to administer. Here’s a refer-a-friend example:


Here’s another refer-a-friend example – from a maker of smartphone cases. The referrer must already be a customer. The referrer triggers an invitation to a friend. The referrer gets US$15 in credit when the friend saves 10% while becoming a new customer.


I would nominate Sally Fallon.

As a customer/consumer, I also prefer refer-a-friend over affiliate-links.