Carriers it works for

I seen It says a gsm chip but then says it works for verizon and sprint. How is that when they are CDMA?

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Hi @knightayres,

I’ve spoken to one of our engineers and they’ve informed me that our cellular module is in fact a 4G LTE one, and it has backward compatibility with existing 2G and 3G GSM networks, unfortunately not with CDMA.

However, Verizon and Sprint are now focusing on their 4G LTE networks, while announcing shutdown dates for their CDMA networks. That being said, Pure will work on the modern type of networks, which are going to have proper coverage across the globe and in the US.

I hope this answers your question.

Which cellular bands will it use?

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Hi @knightayres,

Bands supported by the Mudita Pure module:


• TDD:


• GSM:

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This is great. From a selfish point of view this is only missing B1 (GSM) and B40 (LTE) which are Optus bands in Australia.
But it seems to include all Telstra bands (widest coverage).

I’m into this like a showbag now. (Aussie slang, happy to explain).

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