Can we put an "If found" message on the Pure lock-screen?

A friend and I out for a walk on Sunday morning found an iPhone 11 lying in a street. The iPhone had power, but it was locked. We eventually found an article about returning lost cellphones to their owners. We asked Siri to “call last number dialed” on that locked iPhone. This let us reach a woman who knew the iPhone’s owner. This let us put – thirty minutes later – the iPhone in her hands. It was fortunate that she lived in the same city. If “last number dialed” had been across the country, then who knows whether we ever would have been able to return the iPhone?!

This story explains why I like to put an “If found, please call …” message on the lock screen of my cellphone. I put my wife’s number in that message on my cellphone, and she puts my number in the same message on her cellphone.

Can we put an “If found” message on the lock screen of the Mudita Pure?


@kirkmahoneyphd I will pass it on to the team- I’m not sure if this is possible, this late in the design stage, but I will definitely check on this.


Thank you, @urszula!

Here’s another solution: I will apply a Brother P-touch label to the back of my Mudita Pure!

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@kirkmahoneyphd Going old school with the label maker :slight_smile: I love it! However, you’ve got the fancy kind…I’m more vintage