Can EMFs affect nature?

I have a plant which is dying near my WiFi router…


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Thank you for your post. I think you might be interested in reading some of our blog posts regarding the way EMFs affect nature:

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PS. I recommend moving the plant further away from the WiFi router.


I enjoyed your article. It surprises me how little I found on the subject of trees and wifi effects. My small town has gone crazy with broadband hanging wires everywhere and connected to every house. (which I never agreed to, just woke up and they were there.) The effects on our trees only recently came to mind when the trees in my neighbor’s and my yard started to literally fall apart. When the first huge branch snapped of from a tree in back yard from the base of tree and right onto my car. I chalked it up to weather. Next, it happened to the one in my front yard, which I blamed on a bad municipal trim job right down the center of tree top. Until this summer when 3 more fell and I’m not talking about small branches. 4 out of the 5 were larger enough to cover an SUV and roughly at least a foot and half if not more thick. The last one that fell is what stuck out to me. It has a full end of green leaves and looked healthy. Until, you looked closer at the bark. It is like something is attacking the bark, making it flake and peel up and look almost a bit moldy in parts. When I went to break it down, this thick branch stump snapped like a tree that has been dead for years. So, I looked up tree diseases and this should of put my thoughts to rest. Yet, I can’t shake how what is left standing of these trees is still trying to grow and live. Except anywhere near these wires. Where the wires hang slightly above, the tree limbs are black or rotten looking on top half and have absolutely no spouts stretching up towards the sun like they should. Instead, the spouts grow on the underneath of branch pointing down towards the sidewalk and undeniably away from any wires. I’m not sure if this next observation is linked, but as I took more notice of all the neighboring trees on my block, (which 8 out of 10 are effected) I noticed that probably 7 out of 10 of my neighbors houses have mold or moss problems on the siding and/or porch roofs. I have lived in my home for 19 years and only within the past couple years or so, did I start to notice stuff growing on my house. I wonder if the deterioration of our trees has invited in a more invasive plant life that is not effected by the wifi wires and almost seems to thrive from it. So, I’m curious if in your research you may have came across anything to explain or back my theory?


Check out the work of Arthur Firstenberg…especially his book, The Invisible Rainbow. You will find information about the effects of electromagnetic radiation that you will find nowhere else without spending hundreds of hours in the library. You can find a lot of interesting information peppering his newsletters, which are archived here:, as well as some brief information on his various websites, including, which you can find a link to on - search for “FAQ”

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@Felicia_Hobert thank you for sharing interesting publickations.
@crystal there are many publications you can find. For example:

Marek Czerwiński, Łukasz Januszkiewicz, Alain Vian, Amparo Lázaro,
The influence of bioactive mobile telephony radiation at the level of a plant community – Possible mechanisms and indicators of the effects,
Ecological Indicators, Volume 108, 2020, 105683, ISSN 1470-160X,:

where research aimed at predicting ecological effects and identifying indicators of the impact of bioactive RF-EMF in the frequency range of mobile telephony on plant communities was described.

Also, you can take a look at Mudita’s resources.
@Felicia_Hobert if you would like to share with us any interesting scientific articles, books, or videos, please submit your recommendation on the given above website. :slight_smile:

Interesting piece about that.

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@Missy_Painter Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Very interesting phenomenon. It’s definitely worth taking a look at. :slight_smile: :leafy_green: :four_leaf_clover: :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf:

I had 33 stands of honey bees going into the fall. On Nov. 1 everything was great on my last inspection of the bees. Then they turned on a new 5G cell tower 2miles from my house. Two weeks later I had lost 7 stands of bees, the boxes were empty with no dead bees. By the middle of Dec, I had lost 5 more stands of bees, again with no dead bees. It is now March 12 and I have lost a total of 21 hives of bees and those that remain do not look good. The bees are just leaving gradually and not making their way back to the box. I have had bees for 40 years and I have had problems like everyone else, but this is a new problem. It looks like the end of bee keeping for me. Before the cell tower was installed, the area that I live in had no cell phone signal at all, and I never had this type problem. But when the cell tower was turned on, it started and is continuing. I usually run 30-40 stands of bees, I will be lucky if I have 4-8 by honey flow time. Bob-bee


@Bobby_Bernard Welcome to the Mudita Community & thank you for sharing your experience with us. We discussed the impact of EMF on bees in a recent article about Backyard Beekeeping Since you have first hand experience with the matter, it would be great if you could take a look at it to make sure we got everything correct.

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