Calling all Warsaw-based Mudita Pure Enthusiasts!

We need some unboxing/UX testers!
We’re looking for 3-5 Mudita fans who are, ideally, in or around Warsaw & can travel to our office on the 15th of November with the aim of doing an unboxing/ initial set-up/ UX tests.
Interested individuals should expect to spend about 2 hours at our office.
Let me know who’s interested.
UPDATE: We changed the date to NOV 15th


Oh, the humanity! Why, oh why, cannot we all be in Warsaw on November 8?!


@kirkmahoneyphd You know, LOT Polish Airlines flies direct from Chicago, NYC, Miami & LA :slight_smile: Time for a weekend in Warsaw!

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Lol, tuition or plane tickets to Warsaw. . .
Sadly I know which one I’d pick. But in any case if you need some more. . . extreme unboxing / ux testing you can ship one to me in Utah; I’ll take it up the side of a cliff, unbox it up there and charge it off a solar panel and give it a whirl :wink:


A livestream would be interesting. :slight_smile:


plane tickets deffinately!!!

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UPDATE: We changed the date to NOV 15th
So if anyone is available on Monday, Nov 15th, please reach out to me.

Well my grandfather was from Poland, but me not so much :grin:

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@greymoon perhaps it’s time to get to know your grandfather’s roots ;D Was he from Warsaw?

I’m not sure where he was from (city, town) All I know is that he lived near to the baltic sea and during ww2 he spent 5 years in a Nazi labour camp. I think that changed him and he never liked to talk about his past. When he came to Canada he would send clothes to Poland to help out the poor. Anyway my Grandfather passed away many years ago now. Maybe one day I will visit Poland and see what it is like there.


Hi @urszula,

I’d love to be able to participate in this. I’ve been contemplating a switch to a fetaure phone, and have recently acquired one of these inexpensive phones that are most often marketed to the elderly. Sadly, I’ve found it terrible. The call quality was bad, the user experience miserable. I want a phone with only basic functionality but high quality, and it seems that the latter can currently be found only in high-end smartphones. So, I’m very interested in the Mudita, which is supposed to be kind of a “luxury” feature phone.

Sadly, Monday is a working day for me, an therefore I’d only be available rather late in the evening (after 6 PM). If that’s workable for you and the team, I’d love to be able to get a hands-on experience with the Pure.


@introspektron If you’re in WAW, then we can definitely schedule it another day next week. Please PM you contact info & we’ll be in touch.