Benefits of the physical buttons on the Mudita Pure

Here are three ways in which the physical buttons of the Mudita Pure beat the virtual buttons of a touchscreen smartphone:

  1. Permanent Impairment: The blind and visually impaired can dial without guessing at button location on a touchscreen and can dial quietly by not having to speak into a speech-to-text dialer.
  2. Personal Preference: Some people simply prefer physical buttons to touchscreen buttons.
  3. Emergency Impairment: Someone with bleeding hands can still dial for emergency service.*

*That last benefit comes from a news story about a man whose hands were injured in an accident. He could not dial his touchscreen smartphone because his hands were bleeding so profusely that the touchscreen did not recognize his screen taps.

What would you add to this list?


A physical flashlight/torch button would be immense — unless that’s already the case?


Omg I LOVE the physical buttons. It almost simulates some of the benefits of writing with a pen on paper. It slows down your typing, so you think more intentionally about your typing. It helps you focus more on what your typing. And because it’s slower to type, you write down more of the important things and get to the point rather than add a lot of fluff or write less important things. A great way to write clearer Notes and Messages I think.


Also a lot of vision impaired people benefit greatly from physical buttons.