Battery life after upgrading Mudita OS to 1.3.0

Hi everyone. After the last update to 1.3.0 version Mudita OS my battery gets one day work more than before. So it’s a long way to one week battery life like Mudita promised me when I want to buy the Mudita Pure phone. I am very curious about your experience with battery life in your pure phones. I am still waiting for possibility buy new battery from Mudita shop. My pure now work only 3 days without charging. I will be glad when pure will be working for one week. Have a nice day or night for everyone🤗


For me, it’s also three days. Before the update it was two.
I think we are on the right track.
If it becomes four to five days, i.e. a working week, then I would be satisfied.
What I have noticed is that the music player draws a lot of battery power, which is a mystery to me, because my old MP3 player lasts forever on one battery charge.
But the music player is being revised anyway, so I think there’s still room for improvement.

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Thanks for your response @marko . I hope so, that Mudita team resolve the issues with next os updates. Five days battery life will be good for us i think. Have a good week for you.