Any plans for 2FA?

2FA would add a lot of security to everyone’s Mudita accounts. I’d be really happy to see it supported and I advocate all sites and companies should use it. Preferably TOTP and hardware based solutions (like Yubikey), but an e-mail option for those less tech savvy is also good.


@silver I will pass this on to the team. Right now, we don’t have that, however, I think that it might be an interesting discussion.
Anyone else on this forum interested?


I like 2FA. I favour TOTP authentication, as I can use my smartphone/tablet/desktop-computer to authenticate. As long as I save the authentication key on more than one device, it’s convenient and harder to lose.

I’d really love to see a 2FA authentication feature on the Mudita Pure. It should be possible to implement something similar to Aegis Authenticator, although obviously the user would have to enter the details (name, authentication-secret) manually as the Pure has no camera with which to scan QR codes. HOTP and TOTP are widely-used open standards - i.e. any site that supports the likes of G**gle Authenticator should work.