Android on Mudita Pure

Pending on how well Mudita do to solve all the critical outstanding issues, has anyone given any thought to installing the Android Open Source Project OS onto the Pure ?

I’m not a Dev so wouldn’t really be of much help, but as a bit of a nerd I know such a thing may at least be possible. Hey, I could run Linux on my Gen1 iPod Nano back in 2005 i’m sure its possible to do something similar in 2022 :slight_smile:

The Pure’s hardware may also be able to be better utilized, for starters MMS would likely be do-able as would potentially “boosting” the signal strength. And then there’s the possibility of giving users an option of using 3rd party apps like Signal for secure messaging that thus far aren’t available on the MuditaOS because of Internet Data being mindfully unavailable.

As i say though lets hope Mudita does come to the party and resolve all the main issues.

This idea is more of a ‘worst case scenario’ so all of us that have bought the Pure and still want to make use of the (really cool) hardware still may have a way of doing so.